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Ear Piercing Was the Cause of Marriage Breakdown, Woman Weeps


ENGINEER Susan Okeyo, separated from her husband in 2023, after 20 years, saying  her love didn’t work when she pierced her ears and wore earrings to enhance her beauty.

When the marriage crisis happened, she ran to the offices of Female Lawyers (Fida) to help her in the divorce case. Ms. Okeyo, 39, who is currently a resident of Nairobi, claimed that her husband came out on a business trip, and found that he had pierced ears and was wearing earplugs.

“When he asked me, I thought it was a joke because he told me to leave the house because he would not live with a person with pierced ears,” said Mrs. Okeyo.

She claimed that she was evicted in July 2022. She continued to narrate that the house she was evicted from was built on a piece of land given to them by his father. Among the claims in the case in the Milimani Court is that the title of the land was changed without her consent.

She claimed that when presenting the case in the Milimani Court, her husband had started the process in the Ngong court.

“My lawyer was informed that there is a case in the Ngong court. When I arrived before the court I informed it that I was never informed about the process of the case. The judge ordered the trial to be held in Nairobi,” she said.

The husband who is the accused in the case, denying the allegations of beating his ex-wife. “I never hit my wife. Second, I was not happy with the bubbles. We talked and I begged her to return home but she refused,” said Mr E.O.K.

The 2023 study conducted by the National Statistics Agency (KNBS), shows that divorce cases have reached 16 percent, meaning that out of 18 households, one household is on the verge of divorce.

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