Home NEWS Donny Van de Beek’s failure at Manchester United

Donny Van de Beek’s failure at Manchester United

Donny Van de Beek's failure at Manchester United

Donny Van de Beek’s failure at Manchester United

Donny Van de Beek is a Dutch midfielder who has proven himself with his performances in his homeland. Together with Ajax he repeatedly won the national championship, as well as reaching the semifinals of the Champions League. By the way, football scores of matches involving this club can be found on the site of sports statistics, where the data is constantly updated.

In the summer of 2020 Van de Beek signed a contract with Manchester United, and it seemed like a very reasonable transfer at the time. Ajax received 39 million euros for the player. It was planned that Donny could strengthen the center of the field, making it more reliable and mobile.

The Dutchman scored for his new club in his first game. However, this is the only positive aspect that can be remembered in his debut season with the Red Devils. By the way, the scores of their football matches are also covered in detail on the sports statistics website.

The midfielder played very little during the 2020/2021 season. Sulscher simply could not find a position for him on the field. Van de Beek was used in different roles, and, naturally, he could not demonstrate his best qualities in such conditions.

It seemed that Sulscher’s departure might solve the problem. However, Rangnick, who replaced him, made it clear that he was not counting on the Dutchman. As a result, he moved to Everton on loan in January 2022, but even there he failed to revive his career.

Reasons of the midfielder’s failure at Manchester United

Van de Beek could not adapt to British football. However, most importantly, there was no place for him in the game scheme of the club. The supporting task did not suit the footballer, and Bruno Fernandes, whose place in the starting lineup was beyond question, was responsible for the creativity of the team. By the way, mobile live scores of the games involving the Red Devils are now available. Moreover, you can follow not only the EPL, but also other tournaments.

Among the other factors of failure of the Dutch midfielder, the following ones should be highlighted:

  1. Lack of understanding with the other players in Manchester United’s midfield. As a result, he was constantly pruning and his ideas were often incomprehensible to his partners.
  2. Lack of confidence from the mentors. Because of this, the player felt psychological discomfort and could not fully demonstrate his strong qualities.
  3. There was a lot of competition in the center of the field for the Red Devils. Van de Beek had to compete for a place in the starting lineup with Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Fred and McTominay. Naturally, he had few chances to prove himself.

As a result, the transfer of the midfielder can be considered a failure. If you are still following Manchester United, you can find out the live scores of all the matches easily through your mobile device on the proven and convenient sports statistics website.

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