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Dogo Charlie Biography, Real Name, Age, Tribe, Education, Girlfriend, Networth, Career


As long as you’re a music lover and a social media user, you definitely know the lad by the name Dogo Charlie. He has a good social media background and he ha done a lot in music that his name is common to many. This young man has an interesting life story that will inspire and motivate anyone out there to keep going and believe that something will work out.

Dogo Charlie’s real name is Charles Akisha. This is the birth name that his parents gave him before he chose to drop it for Dogp Charlie as stage name that he uses in all his social life and music career platforms.

This talented man was born on April Fools Day as his birth is on 1st April. The year was 1988 making him a 35 years old as of 2023. He was born in Kericho county, Kenya. This is where his childhood life happened that shaped him into the Dogo we know today.

In past interviews, Dogo revealed that he came from a family that only had God and survival was purely by God’s grace. He said that he was born in a very humble background where getting a meal especially the lunch meal was so rare that they used to go back to school on empty stomachs. He said that one day he even stole a bottle of soda on his way back to school due to hunger from a shop nearby. He admitted that poverty made him engage in stealing.

He attended his primary school at Kapsongoi Primary school in Kericho. After finishing the primary school, he was taken to a secondary school in Migori county and that would mark the end of his education as his parents were unable to further his studies due to financial challenges.

Dogo started off his career life by opening a company. This was a pedicure and manicure company in Kericho. The business helped him generate some cash to push life and also help the parents take care of their large family. Along the way, he developed interest in music.

He started doing covers and parodies and posts on his social media platforms and YouTube. He was also writing own songs. When one of his songs made it to the list of hot music’s at number 26, he felt motivated and put his efforts in doing more parodies and own music.

As we speak, Dogo Charlie is the best in music parodies and his creativity has made some of his parodies trend more than the original songs. He is christened the ‘King of Parody’ as his talent with words and rhythm is unmatched.

Dogo Charlie has had controversies in marriage and relationship life and knowing his girlfriend is not easy but he is connected to a lady and a fellow musician Celyn Kym but this needs verification.

Dogo has a networth of over 10 million from hi music earnings and personal businesses.


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