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Do you know some of the uses of bananas?


FOR many people, the image of an overripe banana is not pleasant, and when this fruit appears like this, for many, the solution is to throw it away without knowing that there are still health benefits from this food.
Ripe bananas strengthen the digestive system and also contain high levels of fiber. In addition, this food has a low level of calories, which means that it helps in the process of losing weight. There are recipes that you can use to prepare bananas instead of throwing them away:

 When you prepare bread, you can use banana instead of sugar. Remember that the blacker and overripe the bananas are, the more suitable they are in the preparation of this food as it will add more flavor.
Smoothies And Milkshakes 

When bananas are ripe and look bruised, they look good in the preparation of smoothies and milkshakes. Its unique taste and lightness make bananas suitable for the preparation of these dishes.


Cut overripe bananas into slices for your pancakes and then stir and cook them. Here this ingredient can be used instead of sugar.


Mix the overripe banana slices into the biscuit dough mixture before stirring and baking. In addition to adding flavor, this ingredient will make your cookies light and sweet.

Chop up the overripe banana slices and mash them with a fork before stirring them into your bowl of oats. Likewise, here you can add cinnamon to add flavor.


 When you mix overripe bananas with sugar and let them sit for a while, you get your bread jam.
Ice cream 

Put your bananas in the freezer and then later bend them and add them to the ice cream as a way to add a pleasant taste and aroma to your food.

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