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DJ Mo Explains Why He Has Three Househelps


Sammy Muraya popularly known as DJ No in the entertainment space has revealed to his fans his about his commitment to ensuring his children have the best upbringing.

He said that it is every father’s responsibility to stand up for their children whether they had a good wife or not. According to DJ Mo, children should not know that their parents have gone separate ways. He also revealed that he would do anything to give his children a decent life.

” Every dad has to be there for their children, whether the wife is good or not. The kids are innocent human beings. They don’t even need to feel that you are not together with their mother.I love my kids to death and I would do anything for them. I do not know how to say no to my kids. I want to give them everything that I did not have. Not to spoil them,”

DJ Mo told his fans that growing up, he didn’t know how to speak in fluent English. He said that he keeps three house helps adding that one of them is a teacher with a diploma holder and is tasked with teaching his kids to speak in English.

“I also did not grow knowing how to speak English. I told them to speak that English. Our house manager is a teacher with a diploma. We have three house helps. One for cleaning, one for the kids, and a day bug. The one who stays with the, teaches them English,”

Speaking about his kids’ aspirations when they grow up, DJ Mo said that his daughter is good at Music and Junior desires to be a Safari Rally driver.
“She loves music and she is a Tech person. I am planning for her to start coding.Junior will be a Safari Rally driver. He loves cars too much.”

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