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DJ Fatxo Loses Millions Following Allegations He Killed Jeff Mwathi


DJ Fatxo Says He’s Facing Financial Difficulties

Lawrence Njuguna, also known as DJ Fatxo, a popular Mugithi singer, has disclosed that he has suffered significant financial losses after being accused of the murder of interior designer Jeff Mwathi.

DJ Fatxo, whose main source of income is his music performances, shared that he has been unable to perform for the past three months. He made the decision to cancel his scheduled shows in order to allow the investigating authorities to complete their probe into Jeff Mwathi’s death. He expressed his frustration, saying, “I used to perform every weekend, from Thursday to Sunday. I had numerous lucrative bookings before all of this happened (referring to Jeff Mwathi’s death). I was making substantial money, let’s say in the millions. But for the past three months, I have experienced significant financial losses.”

DJ Fatxo

In the alleged murder case of the designer who passed away on February 22, 2023, DJ Fatxo became a person of interest.

Earlier this month, DJ Fatxo, through his lawyer, expressed his desire for the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to disclose the details of the investigation into Jeff Mwathi’s death. In a statement dated May 12, 2023, DJ Fatxo stated that he has been the subject of investigations conducted by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations regarding Mwathi’s death, and he believes he deserves to know the truth.

“We are writing this letter to formally express our client’s request for an open, thorough, fair, independent investigation and questioning in this matter, and for the subsequent findings to be made public as soon as possible,” the statement read.

“Due to baseless and widely spread accusations, insinuations, and allegations regarding our client’s criminal involvement in the premature death of the deceased, our client has been severely impacted.”

The Mugithi Maestro shared that this situation has negatively affected both his personal life and his career.

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