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DJ Fatxo Introduces His Seven Months Old Baby Online


Despite all the controversy that surrounded popular musician DJ Fatxo, he has taken to the internet to introduce his 7-month baby. In an Instagram post, the music star announced to his fans that seven months ago he became a father.

While sharing the news to his fans he promised them that he would do a face reveal very soon. It seems that some of his fans knew about his new role as a father going by the way they commented on the matter. He expressed his excitement and also how he longed to be with his son. He told his fans, ” 7 months 24 days ago i became a dad, damn i miss him…”

About a fortnight ago, DJ Fatxo told his fans that he was going for a UK tour through a social media post. He stated, Thank you Lord for safe skies. United Kingdom the duke is here,” Despite being a new father, DJ Fatxo went on a UK tour and enthralled his fans with Kenyan music at popular venues.

In the past the popular DJ faced a cloud of suspicion linked to the death of a young interior designer called Jeff Mwathi. The DCI cleared his name after they lacked substantial evidence. This provided him with a sense of relief and allowed him to focus on his career growth.

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