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Dinner Date Manenos ! Mulamwah Confesses His Love For His Bestie Ruth K


Content creator David Oyando Mulamwah penned a special message to his bestie Ruth K on social media. In a short message, the comedian gushed over his bestie Ruth and promised to treat her to a dinner date.

Mulamwah wished Rush many more years of peace and prosperity calling her “My laf” but was quick enough to set the record straight about their alleged relationship. He told Ruth that he loves her as a best friend and nothing more. The sweet message read,
” Happy bathday bestie , to many more years of success and prosperity my laf .nakupenda sana as a friend. Today dinner on me ”

Ruth K also took to social media to celebrate her special day.She asserted that she is proud of the things that she has achieved so far. Her message read, ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME – Another trip around the sun am so grateful and thankful to God for this far. Am just proud of myself for this far.”
The pair has refuted dating claims on social media and have made people believe that they are just friends.However, they display love for each other through their photos and videos that display them warming up to each other.

Last month, Mulamwah also took his bestie to his patents home. He shared photos of their visit as he expressed ecstasy at having his bestie by her side as he puts up his first house in the village.

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