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Difference between RAM and ROM on phones and Computers | What is ROM in full? | What is RAM in full?


ROM and RAM are two of the very important aspects and specs that people always consider when buying an electronic gadget for communication such as phones, computers and iPads or laptops. But what is actually the meaning of these two terms?










RAM in full is Random Access Memory while ROM stands for Read Only Memory. According to information technology experts, RAM is described as a volatile memory. The volatility is due to the fact that information stored on the RAM is temporarily stored in your device while it is in use but once you switch off the gadget or restart it, the information is gone until you redo the operation is when you can again access it. This means that even electricity or power shortage can lead to loss of the information stored on RAM. It is worth noting that RAM can be changed by users as they can increase it.








ROM on the other hand is described as non volatile and the information once stored can be retrieved any time as it is kept in a chip. It is only the user who can decide to erase the information. Power shortage or restarting the gadget does not affect information in the ROM. While RAM can be changed by users, ROM is permanent and no user can increase or reduce it.








Many users especially phone users prefer a phone with both RAM and ROM quite large to make it more efficient to use. ROM and RAM in mobile phones is gauged in terms of Gigabytes or GB. ROM in simple term is the phone capacity to store information and RAM is how quick your phone gives you a result of any search you do on internet.