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Did Khalwale’s Fighter Bull Inasio Kill its Long Time Caretaker?


Questions now surround the death of Kizito Moi Amukune the man who was reported dead after being hit by Kakamega Senator Bonni Khalwale’s fighter bull named Inasio.

According to earlier reports by the senator, the late who had been taking care of Inasio for over two decades was hit by the bull killing him instantly. He even invited the DCI officers based in Kakamega to investigate the matter as a way of adhering to the law.

However, it now turns out that there could be more than what was reported after the burial of the 47 year old Kizito was postponed so as to allow detectives more time to complete the investigation to clearly get to understand how he died.

This happens after some unclear rumors came suggesting that more investigation should be done as they doubted if Inasio could really attack and kill someone who has been its caretaker for all those years. Some even went ahead to speculate that Kizito might have been killed by someone else within Khalwale’s homestead but is being covered up by the bull which has already been speared to death and its meat eaten by the community according to culture.

Khalwale on the other hand has rubbished the rumors terming them baseless as he assures the detectives full corporation to know the truth.


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