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Diana Marua Says She Hated Bahati Because He Was A Church Boy


Diana Marua Reveals She Hated Their Age Difference With Musician Bahati

During a conversation, Bahati inquired from his wife why she had believed he would never marry her. In response, she provided a list of reasons she considered potential deal breakers. However, she stated that Bahati being three years younger than her and his strong religious beliefs did not give her any doubts or reservations. On the other hand, Bahati mentioned that he had succeeded in transforming her life, recalling that she was malnourished when they initially met.

“She explained that the primary concern was the age difference, with Bahati being three years younger.
She acknowledged the societal belief that it is not acceptable to date someone younger. She even had the notion that if she were to settle down, it would be with someone older than her,” she expressed. However, she noted that Bahati has undergone a transformation. When they first met, he was extremely religious and constantly quoted Bible verses. “Do you remember when we first met, you were all about the Bible, constantly quoting it. Do you realize how much respect I had for you,” he recalled.


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