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Dangers of charging a phone while on a call | Why you should not call while phone is charging


The invention of mobile phone made human life very easy and convenient as just by dialing a button, one is able to communicate with someone  who is thousands of miles away. It has become part of human life and separating someone from their phone is like taking them back to the old days. Many people find it convenient using their phones to make a call while it is charging. This is quite common even though it has potential dangers that can result from it. Here are reasons you should not make a call while charging your phone;

Battery Damage 

Continuous use of phone while charging will lead the battery to strain and with time the battery capacity and performance can be reduced. This can end up in battery failure forcing for a replacement.

Overheating the phone

Using your phone while it is charging can lead to the phone being overheated. As the phone is charging, it generates a lot of heat and using it while it is charging can further cause increased heating thereby causing battery degradation, reducing battery life or even can cause fire.

Slow Charging

The phone will have to draw power for both charging and running the processes you need. This will lead to slowed charging as the phone takes longer to reach full charge.



Risk of Explosions or Fires

Some cases of phone exploding and causing fire when being used and charging at the same time have been reported though quite rare. This is due to damage caused on the battery or use of ineffective charging device.

Increased Radiation Exposure

As you make a call you hold your phone closer to your body.  This may lead to exposure to electromagnetic radiations that can allegedly cause cancer in the long term effects though it has not been proven.