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Confusion as police and DCI releases different figures on the money recovered in Parklands Nairobi


Kenyans were shocked yesterday after reports emerged of a lady who was arrested with a huge amount of money stashed inside sacks. This happened in Ngara area of Parklands, Nairobi.

The woman who has been identified as Teresia Wanjiru who is in her 40s was found in possession of over ksh. 12 million in cash. This money was stored in notes of one thousand shillings and placed inside sacks.

However, despite the good job of following and arresting the woman, Kenyans now are left confused on the exact amount of money that was found. This is resulting from varying figures given by police body and the DCI officers.

As per the report by the DCI, the amount recovered was about ksh. 13.4 million. This was what was captured in their statement that they released after the incident. On the other hand, the national police statement appeared to be giving a different figure. In their report, they said the amount recovered was ksh. 12.9 million. The difference of ksh. 500,000 leaves many to wonder which body speaks the truth.

Teresia Wanjiru is suspected to have gotten the said amount in unclear ways and that is why she was arrested to explain how she got the money. It is alleged that she is involved in criminal activities or she is dealing in drug trafficking. Apart from the money, other things such as rolls of bhang were recovered.

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