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Common ways people get scammed in Nairobi


Scamming and conning are now the common ways thieves are using to et money. They will use tricks that will confuse you and before you realize you’re left with nothing.

1. Street Currency exchange

Now, you might be having some money that is not Kenyan currency. You will need to get somewhere to exchange the money to Kenyan currency. To avoid a lot of legal processes many people opt to use street guys who illegally deal in this.

You will give them your original and authentic currency they will give you the equivalent amount in Kenya shillings but while you’re walking away to go they will call you back to tell you that your note is fake and so they cannot accept it. This happens after they exchange your original note with their fake one.

So you will have lost your original currency to them while you take away a fake one from them.

2. Dropped bundle of cash

A guy will strategically drop some ‘bundles of cash’ in front of you and someone at a place will hurriedly come to you and tell you that you go and divide the money amongst yourself. To win your trust they will give you the purported money to carry and you will reach a place where the guy will ask you to maybe go and buy him something from the shop.

Since you have the money he will pretend not to trust you so they will ask you to leave either your phone or a laptop bag if you have as a way to be sure you come back. And because you carrying ‘large’ amount of money you will leave him with your phone and even bag.

That is when you will be shocked to realize you have nothing but papers stuffed together as money. Guess what? When you rush back to the scene,  the person will not be there and your phone or laptop bag is gone.

3. Online shops

There is emergence of online shops that enable you to shop at home and get the items delivered. While others are legit and real others are fake and do not even exist. They will appease you with nice offers but once you make a deposit payment to have your item delivered, you will not hear from them again.

Others will even extort more money from you by being bold to ask you to add more money for transport or to have another different brand of the same item as the one you requested is out of stock. Do not pay for anything online until it is delivered to you. It is common with mobile phones, clothes or shoes.

4. Selling A phone in the street

Kenyans like good deals and cheap things. There are guys in CBD who will be positioned in some dingy streets or corridors and call you to sell you a phone. They will negotiate with you so well and you get impressed and decides to buy the phone. In the process of you getting the money, they will exchange the phone you were shown with a dead or just soil well packed in a mobile phone outer casing.

Hurriedly they will ask you to keep the phone as there are thieves within who can follow you up and steal it. You will trust them and do so and business done. On reaching home, excited to start using  your new phone, that is when you will realized you’ve been ‘washed’.

5. Confusing your mind

There are thieves who use special chemical or gas that they either sniff or ingest that when you inhale, will compel you to accept any command they give you. They will make you walk with them and give out your things to them peacefully when he has taken you to his strategic place. By the time you come back to your senses, they will have gone.

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