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Comedienne Adhis Jojo : I scammed My Mubaba 700K and an IPhone Worth 170K


Churchill comedienne Adhis Jojo has admitted to eating her elderly mubabaz money. Adhis admitted to fleecing her Kisumu-based journalist Collins Jaring’a a whooping 700K adding that she’s not ashamed of what she did. According to Adhis, the scribe spoilt her with money and gifts that amounted to 700K shillings.

During an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Adhis said that there was no reason for her older ex lover to make noise online simply because he splashed 700K and an IPhone 170K on her. She said,
” It is true I ate the money. Kukula aje? Sikukula pesa ya mtu. Kama unadate na mtu and he spends on you, how is that kukula pesa ya mtu. Sasa KSh 700k and iPhone ya KSh 170k Ni kitu mwanaume kwa kijaluo can cry for. What is KSh 700k. He should move on. I am the one who dumped him. I am the one who dumps people. Ukiwachwa wachika. If he wants to come for it akujie. Who does that? Who goes online because of money they spent on their women. Men buy their women houses worth KSh 3.5 million and they are not making noise.”

Adhis confirmed that she and Collins Jaring’a were an item before they decided to go on separate ways. On dumping him, Adhis said that it got him in his feelings. She called out on her ex and reminded him that other men kept mum despite spending millions on their ex-lovers adding that they didn’t rant at their ex-lovers. In her own words, the comedienne was bitter about the breakup and refused to move on after falling apart.

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