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Cleopas Malala’s future as UDA party secretary general in limbo as plans to remove him are underway


The United Democratic Alliance party is seemingly under internal wrangles as details are out pointing at possibility of ousting its current secretary general. The ruling party’s secretary general is former Kakamega senator Cleopas Malala who has been finding himself on the receiving ends lately.











According to a local publication, Malala could be kicked out as the party’s secretary general in December this year during the party’s elections. This is due to his push to have all affiliate parties in Kenya Kwanza to fold and join UDA. Many Kenya Kwanza allies are not seemingly happy with this and they have warned Malala to keep off that topic.








For instance, Kiambu senator Karungo wa Thang’wa had issued a warning to Malalato stop meddling in the affairs of Kiambu county by colluding with Kiambu governor Kimani wa Matangi to threaten MCAs who are opposed to Wamatangi’s leadership. Malala threatened them that they would face party disciplinary in case they continue to give the governor hard time.








Malala who has not even been in office for a year might lose his position when the party’s grassroot polls are conducted in December. However, he has been dismissing reports of alleged rift in the party claiming the party is still intact and strong. These he said in Narok county last week where he urged residents to participate in the upcoming grassroot elections.