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Class 8 pupil killed body dumped in a ditch in Jomvu Mombasa county


Margaret Mbithe had sent her 14-year-old son identified as Kennedy Maluni to the shop at around 8.30pm on August 23. However, she did not know that it would be the last time to see him alive. At around 10 pm Kennedy had not returned home and the mother started getting worried. She decided to alert her neighbours who helped her in searching for the missing boy.

The operation to find the now deceased son went on till 2am without any success. At this point, the team decided to report to village elder who advised them to report the missing person at police station. The report was booked at the Jomvu police station under OB 07/24/08/2023 at around 7.10am.

Later, she was informed by police that a body had been found in a ditch somewhere in Mwamlai. She rushed there and found a large crowd including police. She curiously peeped to check on the body and she was shocked and confused on realizing it was her son’s body.

Juma Lubambo who is the director at Vision if Hope Education Center where Kennedy was studying described him as a bright boy who was promising in his academics. He added that said his body was found just 500 metres from the school, on the path he usually used when walking to school. The body had deep panga cuts on the head, neck, hands, and abdomen.

According to reports, Kennedy was attacked by a group of three boys almost his age who beat him up before another group of three appeared with machetes and cut him. They dumped the body and one of them later visited the scene where the body had been left to see if he walked away but he realized he was already getting cold. Terrified, he ran away. The first three attackers have been arrested and are helping police to get the other three.

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