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City of London Corp customer service contacts

City of London Corp customer service

Find below the customer service details of the City of London Corporation. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the governing body.

Head Office
City of London Corporation
Guildhall, PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ

Customer Service
Phone: 020 7606 3030 (general)
Phone: 020 7332 362 (children’s social care)
Phone: 020 7332 1224 (adult social care team)
Phone: 020 8356 2300 (adults emergency duty team)
Phone: 020 8530 2151 (cemetery and crematorium)
Phone: 020 7332 3937 (benefits)
Phone: 020 7332 1101 (London Port Health Authority)
Phone: 020 7332 3366 (parking)
Phone: 020 7332 1710 (planning)

About City of London Corporation

The City of London Corporation is a government body that provides social, economic and community development services to the City of London. Officially known as the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, the municipal body governs the historic centre of London and much of the financial sector. The work of this governing body goes well beyond that of the local authority. The City of London is responsible for a wide work portfolio and many institutions such as the City of London Police, the London Port Health Authority, the Guildhall School, and the Barbican. The municipal body is also the administrator for green spaces such as Epping Forest, Hampstead Heath, as well the Animal Reception Centre located at Heathrow. The elections, commonly known as ‘City elections’, are held to ensure free functioning of the body, and both residents and businesses are entitled to vote for the same. The corporate body takes care of the administration for 32 boroughs and Greater London regions. The corporate structure of the City of London Corporation includes the Court of Aldermen, the Lord Mayor, the Court of Common Council, and the Freemen and Livery of the city.

The services offered by the City of London Corporation are numerous. The body takes care of business and individual interests, and the residents can contact the council for a variety of services. Residents can contact the council for information and visitor support to the Barbican estates. The council has directed its Islington council for registrations of births, deaths, and marriages. The city of London Corporation is also known for its commitment to children and families. They provide a plethora of support options from child protection, childcare, adoption, care council, youth forum, private fostering and more.

The City of London Corporation also provides services related to council tax, community safety, business rates & standards, licensing, parking, housing, libraries, health & wellbeing, counter-terrorism strategies, waste management and recycling services. Residents and businesses can register on the official website and gain access to their ‘My City’ account. You can register using your email address. The official website accommodates online services such as payments of council tax, payments related to housing rent, payment of sundry invoices, payments for building control applications, order library items in advance, and more.