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Christina Shusho Finally Agrees to have a Concert in Kenya


After trending in Kenya for the last four days, the Tanzanian gospel artist Christina Shusho has finally reacted to calls by Kenyans to have her perform in Kenya. This she confirmed through her official social media platforms; Twitter and Instagram.

City preacher Pastor Robert Burale while on NRG Radio sent a special appeal  to Shusho saying that Kenyans would want her to come and minister to them. She responded by reposting the video and saying she has heard the request and her team would be organizing with Mwalimu Churchill to have the concert on 31st of December.

Kenyans on Twitter have been trending her after her award as best gospel artist of East Africa. From there, discussions arose over her songs which many believe are so inspirational and anointed while others who seemed to be against her were trying to put her down by arguing that her songs are pure plagiarism lifted directly from biblical stories and verses word for word.

Indeed Kenyans have always proved that there is power in social media and the Kenyans on Twitter is a force that is recognized worldwide due to their ability to push for anything till it gets international attention.


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