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Chilling Details of John Matara the Cold Blood Killer who Killed Starlet Wahu


More details have come out over the man who is being detained for the inhumane murder of socialite and sister to pastor Kanyari, Starlet Wahu. Starlet was found brutally murdered in an AirBnB located in Papino apartment in South B.

It has since been revealed that a man by the name John Matara was the one involved in this murder. Matara was arrested at Mbagathi hospital where he had apparently gone to seek treatment after he got minor injuries during the scuffle with Starlet.

After his arrest and details over his identity came out, many ladies who had been his victims have come out to confess their ordeal with him. It appears that Matara belongs to a group of individuals who prey on women on dating sites then take advantage to extort money from them through threats and even death.

Another person confessed to have been in same school with Matara at Butere Boys where he sat the KCSE in 2008. However, it seems like Matara had always been a bad boy as he also did exams while under police custody. According to this classmate, he had been cursed by the principal as he was also a bhang addict. Back in thosedays, he was known as Rebelius Monk. He even tried being an artists where he has a song released 5 years ago on Youtube bearing his Rebelius Monk name.


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