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Celestine Gachuhi Biography, Age, Selina, Career, Fiance, News

Celestine Gachuhi

Celestine Gachuhi is the essence of the show arrangement by the title Selina which pretense on Maisha Magic East TV. She assumes the job of Selina, a well mannered young lady who lives with her stepmother.

According to the content, Selina is a young lady who finishes her secondary school training and wants to join the college. Be that as it may, her stepmother doesn’t need her to join school; she rather sends her in the lanes to go fill in as a house cleaner with the goal that she turns into the family’s provider.

Her magnificence, difficult work, and pleasantness make her progression into more noteworthy fortunes. She likewise becomes hopelessly enamored with Nelson (real name Pascal Tokodi)- an adoration triangle that brings struggle among Nelson and Biko.

Family Background

She was conceived in a white-collar class family foundation. She is a second conceived in a group of four; two sisters and one sibling. Her dad functions as a sergeant. Her genuine mother passed on while she was 11 years of age in 2006.

Her acting job in Selina is an impression of her genuine encounters. Her dad has been completely steady in her vocation despite the fact that she conceded her school for acting.

Celestine Career Background

Celestine Gachuhi is an entertainer, artist, model, and beautician. She began acting while in secondary school where she was a passionate individual from the dramatization club. She partook in show celebrations as well. Before she joined genuine acting, she had worked in a salon where she labored for five months.

In the wake of finishing her structure four, Celestine joined gatherings that arranged the acting of set books in optional schools. She likewise highlighted in Kikuyu Drama Series titled Gwa Cibu where she assumed the job of ‘Waceke’. She likewise assumed the job of ‘Stess’ in the Uriru wa wendo Tv arrangement.

In 2018, she got a job as Selina in Maisha Magic Swahili’s telenovela titled Selina where she acts to date. She was chosen in the third occurrence she showed up on Selina tryouts.

The dramatization arrangement has developed roots and is among the most-stared at the Tv arrangement, in Kenya as well as in whole East Africa. In 2019, she was designated in the Kalasha grants as the best lead actress.  Celestine plans to record her first gospel tune soon.

Celestine Gachuhi
Celestine Gachuhi Biography

Celestine Gachuhi Education

Celestine went to Ole Tipis Girls’ Secondary School. She is right now seeking after her Diploma in Project Planning at the Kenya Institute of Management Studies.

Celestine Gachuhi Age

She is 23 years of age as of the year 2020

Celestine Gachuhi Fiance

Celestine is right now dating however the insights regarding the fortunate man are still hush-hush. The data about the sweetheart will be refreshed here at the earliest opportunity.

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Pascal Tokodi and Celestine Gachuhi Dating Rumor

There are no surprises among Celestine and Tokodi. The two on-screen characters have their adoration accomplices; they simply show love in the content. Notwithstanding, the science that exists between the two while in front of an audience leaves fans dumbfounded and wishing that they should date, all things considered.

The science that exists among Celestine and Pascal Tokodi while in front of an audience leaves fans puzzled and consistently which that they could date, all things considered.

Celestine Gachuhi Net Worth

Celestine is a sprouting on-screen character whose future is brilliant; she has protected a few arrangements on brand supports with enormous brands, for example, multi-decision. Her assessed total assets as of the year 2020 is over Kshs. 10.5 Million.

Celestine Gachuhi
Celestine Gachuhi aka Selina

Her complete career Journey

She is the face of one of the most followed Kenyan telenovelas, Selina. Unknown to many Celestine Gachuhi is also a singer, a model, and a beautician. However, she has put to a halt the latter professions to concentrate on her acting career.

In an exclusive interview with a local publisher, she terms her journey in film and television as a short one, embroidered with success and fulfillment. She states that it all started in high school where she participated in drama festivals. However, this would only last two years, in her form one and two since her school, Ole Tipis High School, did not allow students to participate in co-curriculum activities past form two.

Her dream glowed internally during her last two years in high school and nothing could snuff it out. The only way to quench it was to get back on stage.

After her form four, she joined acting groups that staged set books in secondary schools. Her first was Jicho Four Productions where her star continued shining.

However, as fate could have it, her stay at Jicho Four was short-lived. Another group, Pace Theatres, called Jicho Four asking for a female character.

“The description fitted me. I rehearsed for two weeks before appearing on stage. My first show was scaring, but I managed. By the fifth show, I had gained confidence and no one could notice that I was new,” she says.

She stayed at Pace Theatres for at least six months, staging set books. At the beginning of 2015, she wanted to further her education but funds were inadequate. What she earned from staging set books was also not sufficient. She quit the stage and decided to do something else that could earn her something.

“I got employed in a salon and managed to work for five months. Despite, the little income I was generating, I still managed to get by because I was not paying rent,” explains Ms. Gachuhi.

Despite being a guru in the job, as she puts it, she continued to go for auditions. She loved acting; hence, she could not let the dream sublime in thin air.

Her efforts bore fruits when one day, while still in the salon, she received a call inviting her for a role. She was to do skits as well as motivational speaking in schools. The job was to start immediately, and she was to travel the same night.

She took up the job, for she loved it. She rehearsed her lines and bonded with other characters while on the journey. It was not all in vain. This was her first time to meet established actors like Papa Shirandula, Machachari’s Mama Mercy and Mama Stella. It was like a dream come true for her, and hope for greater things to come. They helped her learn a lot in the film industry during the time they worked together.

In November 2015, thanks to a friend she had met during the auditions, she made her debut on TV. She was given a role (Waceke) in a Gikuyu play, Gwa Cibu (At the chief’s)The play went for two episodes before she later landed another supporting role in another play by the same production house (Ken TV). She played Stess in the play Uriru wa wendo(Wonders of love).

During this play is when she heard about Selina, but she ignored it since she had a role she liked.

“The first time I ignored. The second time, one of my cousins tagged me but I ignored. The third time, a friend we had worked with in Uriru called me and told me that they had done auditions but they had not found Selina. I decided to give it a try,” explains Ms. Gachuhi.

“I did not want to tell the director that I was going for auditions, but at the same time, I didn’t want to lie. I just told him that I had something important to attend to.”

Interestingly, she was the character the crew was looking for. She got the role of Selina; a naïve village girl without a mother and who gets mistreated by her stepmother. Coincidentally, Ms. Gachuhi’s mother passed on in 2006 and she has undergone a lot in the hands of her stepmother. She easily identified with the role since it was reflecting her life experiences.

Celestine Gachuhi
Celestine Gachuhi aka Selina

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