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Categories and Salaries of Nurses in Kenya currently


Nurses are among the many civil servants in Kenya. They work in health facilities and are the third in rank in a health facility. The nurses are grouped in different categories and this is what determines their salaries.

Categories of Nurses

Kenya’s Nursing Personnel Scheme of Service establishes five Enrolled Nurses grades, seven Registered Nurses grades, and eight Nursing Officers grades. As a result, each nurse’s income differs depending to their grade, employment group, and classification.

  • Enrolled Nurses

They report to a senior officer and have a variety of roles and responsibilities. These include screening patients, determining health care needs, treating minor diseases, and other responsibilities.

– Enrolled Nurse III belonging to job group G earn between ksh. 23,369 – 29,826

– Enrolled Nurse II  in job group H get between ksh. 27,052 – 34,527

– Enrolled Nurse I who are placed in job group J and they earn from ksh. 32,061 – 38,893

– Senior Enrolled Nurse II  are placed in job group K and are paid ksh. 40,326 – 54,067

– Senior Enrolled Nurse I categorized in job group L get from ksh. 46,683 – 59,644

  • Registered Nurses

To be appointed to the various grades in the category, registered nurses in Kenya must meet certain criteria. Those registered nurse III in job group H must fulfill these;

– Kenya Registered Community Health

– Kenya Registered Nursing,

– Kenya Registered Midwifery,

– Mental Health and Psychiatry

Registered nurses salaries

  1. Registered Nurse grade III in job group H – 39,450 – 44,730
  2. Registered Nurse grade II in group J – 42,850 – 47,630
  3. Registered Nurse grade I in job group K – 45,425 – 50,125
  4. Senior Registered Nurse L earns 50,315 – 54,100
  5. Chief Registered Nurse M gets 54,217 – 58,430
  6. Principal Registered Nurse N receives 58,415 – 63,415
  7. Senior Principal Registered Nurse P earns  85,110 – 119,730
  • Nursing Officers

– Job group J (Nursing Officer) – 46,580 – 65,430

– Job group L (Senior Nursing Officer) – 50,640 – 69,790

– Group M (Chief Nursing Officer) – 54,067 – 76,580

– Job group N (Principal Nursing Officer) – 62,247 – 84,877

– Job group P (Assistant Director, Nursing Services) – 96,909 – 129,868

– Job group Q (Senior Assistant Director, Nursing Services) – 112,185 – 129,868

– Job group R (Deputy Director, Nursing Services) –  129,050 – 136,825

– Job group S (Director, Nursing Services) – 136,915 – 144,220

It is good to note that apart from the above salaries, nurses also earn allowances depending on their categories and job groups. The allowances include commuter, house, non practising, risk, call and extreneous.

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