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Cate Waruguru Biography and Background Information

Cate Waruguru Biography

Laikipia County Women Representative Cate Waruguru is affectionately referred to as “Mrembo wa Laikipia” by her peers. The fact that she is a successful politician comes as no surprise considering that she was raised by her grandmother under difficult circumstances. An in-depth look at her personal and professional life is provided in this article.

Capturing the essence of Cate Waruguru Date of Birth and Place of Origin


A thirty-four-year-old Cate,  grandmother reared her in Kenya’s Central region. That her grandma raised her to be a lady is something she is constantly eager to share with the people she comes into contact with. In addition, she is named Catherine Wandia in honor of her grandmother.


“My granny is my best pillar,” says the Laikipia Women Representative while discussing her grandmother. She instilled in me the belief that I could be anything I set my mind to, whether I was married or not. To be successful, she showed me that I didn’t need to be rich. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either. They’ll put money into your concept.”


It was just two days before Waruguru Beatrice’s death that Cate recalls seeing her twice, in 1995 and 2003.


The Education of Cate Waruguru

She graduated from Kanyama Secondary School in Nyeri County before enrolling at Karatina Institute of Technology to study Theology in 2007. Even though she didn’t know it at the time, her grandma was convinced that she would one day become an evangelist. It was in 2010 that she began her undergraduate studies in Business Management at Karatina University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management in 2016. Cate Waruguru is now obtaining a Master’s degree in Management and Innovation at the Kenya College of Accountancy, where she is a full-time faculty member.


Cate Waruguru’s professional life

Cate Waruguru was the manager of Nanyuki Zone Access Kenya. Access is a locally owned and operated internet service provider with headquarters in Westlands. In 2013, the Jubilee Alliance nominated her for the Laikipia County Assembly, making her one of Kenya’s youngest nominated MCAs at the age of thirty-three. For the Laikipia Women Representative seat, she competed and prevailed four years later.

According to Cate’s comments in an interview, earning the woman rep post in 2017 was one of her proudest achievements as a young lady without a godfather or financial support. As a nominated MCA, “I was so young – out of 13 women” – I was elected.


Throughout her political career, she has shown herself to be an outspoken advocate for improving people’s lives. The cancer measure she supports would lower the cost of cancer treatment in Kenya. In addition, she started the Fanikisha Youth Program, which aims to develop young people in educational institutions. At one point, she said of her old team, “We have been busy traveling about conducting harambees and visiting churches,” but now her allegiance is with the president.


What was promised was not always fulfilled in full. When Ruto took me to Laikipia, he promised six school buses, but they have yet to arrive. I’ve chosen not to send my folks to the Opposition since other areas are preoccupied with development projects,” she was cited by the media as saying.


This is the personal life of Cate Waruguru.

Two children have been born to Kiprotich William Kiget’s second wife, Cate. When Kericho’s Sunshine Hotel refused to let them stay in a shared room, the couple made headlines, and she later pledged to sue for discrimination and humiliation. To KTN’s Gitonga Michael, when asked about her polygamous marriage, she said: “I’ll confront my good friends. ” They’re married, as far as I can tell, and they’ve got their own spouses, but they’re still single. You’ll see that I’ll be happier if I know this is the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. I defy anyone to tell me if being married as a second woman automatically condemns me to damnation.

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