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Bulldozers and Tractors Converted To School Bus


The creativity of Mendo Bora Primary School located in Lamu island to turn a tractor into a bus to carry its students, has gained great popularity inside and outside the island.

Mendo Bora Primary School is located in the Sports neighborhood located between Kandahar and Kashmir streets in Lamu Island. The school has a total of 293 students who are from Grade One to Grade Eight. The students of the school come from various places that are far and near the school, so they have to be carried by the tractor-bus to be brought to the school every morning and returned home in the evening after classes.

The institute is the only one that uses a tractor to transport its students, a situation that has attracted many. Every time a tractor full of students passes through one streets to another streets of Lamu’s old town, you will find them bending their necks to look at this innovative transport.

There are those who have been mocking the system, but many praise it due to its uniqueness and elegance. In an interview with media on Sunday, the teacher of Mendo Bora School, Denis Ogesa, explained that what pushed them to prefer a tractor over regular buses to carry students, was the transportation challenges found on the island. The school is located in an area that has a lot of sand, so it is a big problem for normal cars to pass without a problem.

In addition, most of the roads in Lamu Island do not allow big buses to operate, so they end up using tractors.

“Mendo Bora School is the only one that uses a bulldozer as a means of transporting our students to and from school every day. It’s also just creative. We know that it is not common to see a school using tractors or bulldozers as a form of transportation for its students. We agreed to use a tractor to differentiate ourselves from other schools that use the normal transport system which is buses,” said Mr Ogesa.

He maintained that they intended to be a unique school that uses tractors to transport students. One of the parents in Lamu Island, Mr Haji Shibu, praised the school’s creativity in coming up with a tractor-bus for transportation. Mr Shibu mentioned the move to help preserve the status of the ancient city of Lamu as a Cultural area – that is, a Unesco World Heritage site. Mr Shibu admits that every time he sees the tractor, the answers to that decision come to his mind.

“However, I also remember that modern means of transport are not allowed here in the historic city, except tractors for carrying waste and others. I love their creativity. The tractor also helps to walk even in a lot of sand, especially in the area where the school is located. Normal cars or buses cannot travel on the sand,” said Mr Shibu.

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