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Bridget Shighadi Biography, Age, Sofia, Career, Fiance, Facts

Bridget Shighadi
Bridget Shighadi

Bridget Shighadi, regularly known as Sofia in the Maria show arrangement which pretense on Citizen TV, is among the lead characters in the dramatization. Bridget acts close by other significant characters, for example, Brian Ogana, going about as Luwi and Yasmin Said, going about as Maria.

She goes about as a malicious, voracious lady who powers and gets hitched to the luxurious family’s child Luwi. This is to acquire everything that has a place with the family when her dad-in-law would bite the dust.

Sofia even connives with the specialist to produce pregnancy and baits the family into a wedding service keeping in mind the desire to be completely acknowledged in the family.

Her job in dramatization makes numerous fans who follow the arrangement to create a negative frame of mind towards her since she makes it look genuine.

On a radio meeting, Bridget asked fans not to despise her. After all, it is simply acting and her genuine character is not the same as what Sofia depicts on screens.

She further expressed that her sweetheart goes awkward here and there about her job in the Maria arrangement, much the same as any man can do yet he is after all he is so strong to his flawless delightful sweetheart.

In the arrangement, Luwi anyway doesn’t adore her; he even designs to separate from her. His adoration to Maria still stays in the center. Luwi’s genuine name is Brian Ogana.

Bridget Shighadi
Bridget Shighadi aka Sofia of Maria Series

Bridget Shighadi Education

Bridget obtained her degree in Public Relations at the University of Nairobi. She is a blogger, a YouTube character and a model. Her side interests which she cherishes most are demonstrating, style and plan.

Age and Place of Birth

Bridget was conceived in the seaside locale of Kenya, in Taita Taveta in Christian confidence. She is around 28 years of age. Her family used to live in America before they migrated back to Kenya.

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Bridget Shighadi Business

Bridget claims a material organization known as Yedu. Much the same as some other on-screen character in the Maria dramatization arrangement, she has marked a strong arrangement with the Royal Media Services.

She was raised in a high society family which gave her a decent establishment as far as tutoring and upkeep. Her evaluated total assets are more than 10 million Kenyan shillings.

Things You Did Not Know About “Sofia” Bridget Shighadi of Maria TV Series

Bridget Shighadi popularly known as Sofia is not only the talk of the town due to her beauty but her prowess when acting. She has become a household name after being featured as an actress in the popular citizen TV show Maria. In this series of the have and have nots she acts like a young girl who wants to be part of the Hausa family under all means.

She may not be driven by love but her motives must be achieved by any means. She fakes a pregnancy in order to get married to Luwi Hausa(Brian Ogana).In her role, she even fakes a miscarriage to cover her tracks. Despite her bold character in this series “Sofia is a calm and collected lady in real life. Here are some things you did not know about “Sofia”

1.) She is not only a commercial model but a blogger too.

2.) She was born and brought up in Taita taveta

3.) Before Maria, she was known as Nick Mutumas baby mama. They recently celebrated their daughters birthday in February 2019

4.) She is the mother of one

6.) She is a fashion lover which is evident in her Instagram page and everyday dressing

7.) She is the owner of the YEDU fashion line.

Dating Life

Bridget has experienced in and off relationship with Nick Mutuma,  they have a delightful little girl by the name Dua Mutuma. Bridget delivered the girl while in the United States.

Bridget Shighadi
Bridget Shighadi

Bridget Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/bridgetshighadi/

Bridget Email: Bridgetshighadi@gmail.com