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Bridget Shigadi Confirms Breakup With Actor Nick Mutuma


Famous actress Bridget Shigadi has publicly confirmed that she split with her baby daddy Nick Mutuma.She engaged in a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram on July 18th. A curious asked her about her relationship with her baby daddy to which she responded that she was single. Her answer was a straightforward ,”Yes”

An inquisitive fan further implored her to know the duration of their breakup and for how long the actress had been single. Shigadi replied, “For a minute bro.”

For a longtime, the couple had been absent in each other’s social media posts and appearances as well. What raised brows among social media users was when they celebrated their daughter’s birthday separately.

During Shigadi’s birthday celebration in July 2022, Nick Mutuma was absent in the celebrations. He chose to remain silent and did not send birthday wishes to the mother of his daughter which he did on her 30th birthday.
In a past interview with Massawe Japani in 2021, Shigadi revealed that she dated Nick Mutuma shortly after high school.

Unfortunately, their relationship shared its ups and downs adding that it had been on and off after their daughter’s arrival.Nick Mutuma however described Shigadi as a very phenomenal woman who is very grounded. He said, “She is a very beautiful woman but pia anakua very grounded. I think as a man, you need somebody who can build with you, who can put that first foundation.”

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