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Brian Weke Biography, Age, Real Name, Tribe, Education, Career, Parents | Is Brian Weke a Luo?


Brian Weke is a politician, businessman and a human rights defender who rose to fame through his determination and hard work despite the abject poverty that he was born in. He managed to school and became a lawyer and this proves how persistence and focus in life can make one overcome any obstacle.












Brian Weke date of birth, tribe and place of Birth

Brian Weke, ancestrally from Suba,  has been making many people to wonder which tribe in Kenya he belongs to. This is due to his skin complexion as he is of quite brown complexion. There were others who had even speculated that his father was a Chinese. However, he denied these allegations saying that his skin color is just a manifestation of beauty and handsomeness.











Brian Weke was born in the year 1980 though exact date and month of birth is yet to be revealed. He is a Luo by tribe despite his confusing skin color which is exact contrary to expectations of one being a Luo. He told the Standard during an interview that he was born to a 16 year old lady in the Jerusalem area in Eastland areas of Nairobi county. His mother left him at the care of his grandparents Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Lucia Weke.












The grandfather who was a clerk at the Nairobi city council died just two years after Brian’s birth. After being left by his grandmother who was a casual worker with Safi Industries, life got hard as the money she received were not quite enough to provide every needs. This made Weke to enter into being a tout when he was a teenager.










Brian Weke Education background

Brian Weke attended Dr. Livingstone Primary School in Heshima Road in Jerusalem estate within Makadara constituency. Here he studied under difficulties due to financial issues that saw him engage in being a matatu tout after school in the evening and on weekends to earn money to support his grandmother. He worked along route 23.







He did his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams in 1994 and in 1995 he joined Buruburu high school before transferring to Gusii  Highlight which is a private high school in Kisii where he did his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams in 1998 and got a B. However, he did not join university immediately due to financial challenges.







Weke  later joined Newport University in US, where he studied Business Administration, same course he studied at Limkokwing University on Malaysia. He is also a masters degree holder in Science in Organisational Development from the USIU. He later joined the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, CUEA, to study law and that is where he earned his law degree.










Brian Weke Career

One of the obvious jobs he did was being a matatu tout after his high school. He said that while plying the route number 23, he earned respect among customers and fellow colleagues due to his level of cleanliness and he wore suits. He also learned how to drive when he was a tout. His inspiration in the matatu industry was from his cousin who was also a tout. Today, Weke is among the founders of River of God matatu sacco, RoG.









Brian left matatu touting to become a driver with Cradle in 2002 after they advertised for a driver. Cradle is a non profit organization that deals with children’s rights. He revealed that the panelists doubted him due to his light skin but he proved them wrong and got the job. He started as a program officer and initiated good ideas which saw the organization grow and earn a lot of money. He also founded and run a program called Girls Shall in Suba. He used his savings as driver at Cradle to pursue his degrees which earned him promotions up to deputy director before he left the organization in 2013.







Currently, he is the CEO of Institute for Education in Democracy (IED), an organization that deals with matters of governance and the electoral process. Their mandate is to ensure  free and fair elections in Kenya and Africa at large











In 2013 general elections, he vied for the Embakasi West parliamentary seat but lost after getting over 35000 votes. This placed him at the national limelight in politics coupled with his activism.










He also was appointed as a legal advisor in the office of the governor in Nairobi City county in 2021 by the then acting  governor Benson Mutura.










Brian Weke wife and Children.

He is married and they have two children named Leticia Weke and Kima Weke.

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