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Big blow to PAA leaders returning to ODM


The SPEAKER of the Senate, Amason Kingi, on Thursday, January 18, 2024 suffered a major political blow after the founders of his Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) party moved to the ODM party.

Leader of the Opposition Raila Odinga received the PAA members and officially welcomed them into his party. The event was held at the ODM headquarters, Chungwa House, Nairobi.

Founders who left PAA included its youth leader in Kilifi County Samir Nyundo. Mr Nyundo was the youth leader of ODM Kilifi before moving to PAA towards the 2022 general election. Speaking during the event, Mr Nyundo regretted moving to PAA, apologized, and accused the Speaker of slandering young leaders whom he sees as his political rivals.

“We created this party knowing that we were supporting Mr Odinga, but the leader of our party joined Kenya Kwanza. We didn’t have another at that time, although his decision surprised us,” said Mr Nyundo.

“He used the party to benefit himself and after getting his position, he has never dealt with or even asked how the party is doing. That is why after interviewing ourselves, we have decided to return home,” added Mr Samir.

During the event, PAA Kilifi and Mombasa stakeholders presented the keys to Mr Odinga, claiming they belonged to PAA party offices which they have now closed and returned to ODM. Mr Odinga also accused Mr Kingi of deceiving him politically and then leaving ODM to join Kenya Kwanza.

“We had a meeting that lasted for more than five hours at the ODM offices when he wanted to form his own party and we had the former governor of Mombasa Hassan Joho. “Although I refused, we allowed him to join the party on the condition that it will be part of the Azimio coalition. Mr Joho also insisted that he will remain in ODM.”

While reflecting on his political journey with Mr Kingi, the ODM leader congratulated the leaders, saying that leaving PAA was the best punishment for the Speaker.

“He was a young lawyer when his brother introduced him to me. I decided to hold his hand and support him to be the MP for Magarini. He told me he wanted to be the Governor of Kilifi and I defeat him politically in 2013 and 2017. “PAA has now returned home and now let him (Mr. Kingi) stay there naked.”

Kilifi politicians who received the leaders together with Mr Odinga are Senator Stewart Madzayo, Kilifi Deputy Governor Flora Chibule, Kilifi ODM Chairman Teddy Mwambire, Magarini Member of Parliament Harrison Kombe and Malindi colleague Amina Mnyazi. ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna was also present.

Mr Madzayo said the Coast region is ‘behind’ Mr Odinga politically. “I thank you for seeing the light and returning home. Now be loyal to the party and just follow the direction given by Baba (Raila),” said Mr Madzayo.

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