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Betty Kyalo Biography, Age, Daughter, Career, Salary, Husband

Betty Kyalo

Betty Kyalo Biography

Betty Kyalo (Betty Mutei Kyalo) is a popular Kenyan news anchor, media personality, and businesswoman. She was born in 1989 in Ongata Rongai estate in Kajiado County. Betty Kyalo Biography.

Betty Kyalo Age

She was born in 1989. She is 30 years old as of 2019. She was born in Kajiado County but spent her childhood and grew up in Nairobi.

Betty Kyalo Networth or Salary

Networth not yet known. The celebrated Tv anchor Betty Kyalo is mentioned to have a source salary of Sh 180,000 – Sh 300,000.

Betty Kyalo Education Background

She attended Olerai Primary School and Uhuru gardens primary school for her primary education. She later joined Kangundo Girls High school for her secondary education. She graduated from Daystar University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication.

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Betty Kyalo Family

Betty Kyalo is the second born of her family, consisting of four girls and one son. It is mentioned that her mother and her siblings are her core family.

Betty's Mother
Betty with her Mother

Betty Kyalo Early Life and Accident

She grew up in Ongata Rongai and Kahawa West and was raised by her mum. Even though her parents were separated, her father was still present in her life. “I am the second born in a family of four. I have an elder brother and two younger sisters,” she says.

Growing up, she idolized veteran TV anchor Catherine Kasavuli. From the moment she discovered her, a young Betty Kyalo knew she was also destined for television.“I originally wanted to be a nun because they looked so angelic and peaceful in church, but I guess television was more appealing,” she says with a cheeky smile.

“I wanted it so much, I would practice reading the news in front of the mirror, and I would read it out loud,” the bubbly presenter who attended Olerai Primary and Uhuru Gardens Primary schools recall.

While attending Kangundo Girls High School, Betty Kyalo continued to prepare for her future dream career in media by ensuring she performed well in English and Kiswahili. However, her life took an unexpected turn on August 6, 2005, when she was in Form Three – something tragic happened.

“While crossing the road from Railway Station to Gill House in Nairobi, on my way to meet up with a friend for lunch, I was hit by a Double M bus. I fell to the ground, and I was dragged under. I was a mess,” she says. “I fell on my left side and injured half myself badly. I broke my left elbow and jaw; I fractured my collar bone, and four ribs deflated my lungs, and half of my face was grazed,” she recalls with a tinge of sadness.

Betty Kyalo was rushed to hospital by Good Samaritans. “I could not walk, go to the toilet on my own and even do basic stuff. The skin on my face was grazed so badly I had no skin on the left side of my face. My jaw was unstable, and when I tried to speak, it would move. I was hospitalized for two months,” she says.

The injuries she sustained from the accident were so serious her family was scared of how she would react when she saw her face. “For a while, my brother and mother would not let me see my reflection because they knew how I would react. But during the hospitalization period, one day, I was being taken for an X-ray, and I caught a glimpse of my reflection. I  immediately sunk into depression. I felt like my life was over because I knew I could never be a news anchor,” she recalls with a sad smile.

After undergoing eight surgeries, Betty finally left the hospital in October 2005. She was a changed person, and her friends noticed it. “I have always been a free spirit, and so I have a lot of friends, but for a while, I did not let my friends visit me. I wanted to be alone.” The journey towards recovery was rough, she says.

“I not only had to learn how to walk again, but I also had to learn to live with my badly bruised face. My doctors had advised my mum on grafting (surgically removing the skin from my thigh and adding it to the left side of my face), but she did not want me to go under the knife because I had already had eight surgeries in two months,” she says.

That month was spent recuperating at home and visiting lawyers to follow up on the case.
“I would walk in town, and everyone would stare at me because of my funny-looking face. This traumatized me, and I had to go for counseling to help me deal with it,” she says. She returned to school in November to complete her studies.

Luckily, the teachers and pupils were supportive and understanding, which helped her heal faster. The school management went out of its way and provided her with anything she needed to make life in school more manageable. Slowly she began to accept reality and moved on.

“At first, I was worried and scared about my future, but I reached the point where I stopped worrying and left everything in God’s hands. I refused to wallow in self-pity and took control of my life,” she says resolutely. Interestingly, when she let go and let God take charge, she started noticing signs of a miracle.

“In December 2005, I started noticing small patches of skin returning to my face. I did not think much of it, but by March 2006, believe it or not, I had new skin. The only things I have now left from the accident are memories and the scars on my neck. Even today, when my doctors meet me, they still cannot believe I am the same girl who had half a face. It was a miracle. I became confident and aggressive about my dream. I realized I did not have time to waste because every moment I live is a precious gift,” she says.

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Betty Kyalo Career

Betty Kyalo started her career as an intern at KTN, and later she began Auto World, a segment which aired on Sunday night on KTN. It dealt with everything from car safety tips, to fuel tips, to car servicing. She rose ranks and hosted hosting Prime Time News on KTN. Betty quit KTN and currently works for K24 as a weekend news anchor and also runs a program dubbed UPCLOSE WITH BETTY KYALO and WEEKEND WITH BETTY KYALO.

Betty Kyalo Cars Lover

Well, Betty successfully ruins that stereotype about girls who are bad at driving a car. Because this woman obviously loves cars and speed. Not only does she have experience of being a representer of a section about cars, but she herself owns a BMW XI and a Renault Megane. Source – Instagram.com What to say? Everyone has their own little guilty pleasures, and for Betty, good cars seem to be one of her significant weaknesses.

“I absolutely love cars. I am one of those girls you will find watching Formula One and Motorsport. My love for cars began while I was a campus student. I had a group of friends who lived and breathed cars, and it rubbed off on me. That is why when I got the chance; I started Auto World, a segment that now airs on Sunday night on KTN. We deal with everything from car safety tips, to fuel tips, to car servicing.

The response we get is so crazy, so much so that I got the nickname Betty ule was Magari,” she says. While most women get excited about going shopping, Betty gets excited about visiting the garage. “I love the smell of petrol. I even take my boyfriend’s car to the garage for servicing, and my brother calls me for advice when his car has problems.”

Apart from being a car enthusiast, Betty also test drives cars. “I became a car tester in my last year of campus. I usually test drive with friends and other car enthusiasts. Whenever a car is about to be introduced into the market, we get to drive the new car and then review it after,” she says.

Betty got the opportunity to test drive the latest Range Rover in South Africa. She also hopes to go to Spain later this year to test drive the new Jaguar. “It is not a paying job, it is something I do because I am passionate about cars, plus I have gotten to drive cars that cost Sh19 million,” the anchor says with a sense of pride.

Betty Kyalo admits to being a speed junkie and owns a Subaru WRX, which she says is the perfect combination of comfort and speed. “Whenever I need that adrenaline rush, I drive to Mombasa or Narok just to flex my Subaru muscles,” she concludes.

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Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo Wedding

Journalists Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari exchanged vows in an exclusive wedding ceremony at the Marula Manor in Karen, attended by 150 close friends and family. The wedding was preceded by a social media count down that included photo-shoots with luxury models of Jaguar sports cars, as the two recollected their courting process.

The media were barred from attending the wedding, which trended on social media through the hashtag #BettyWedsDennis for the better part of the day. Congratulatory messages were also posted to the couple’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

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1. After the glitzy betty kyalo and Dennis Okari wedding, their honeymoon started with a weekend stay in Diani, followed by a 15-day tour around the world. An adventure made easier by Africa Tours Safari.

2. Betty Kyalo opted for a traditional long veil that was about four meters long. However, it was too long and heavy that she only wore it for the ceremony. She had expensive Swarovski crystals applied at the bottom of her gown and veil, so it glittered as she walked down the aisle, and that was the only modification she made to her dress

3. Betty Kyalo makes up makeup was done by Cate Macharia, who was also responsible for fellow TV girl Janet Mbugua’s wedding makeup. She wanted a merely beautiful look for her big day

4. While the invite list was set at 250, the couple ended up hosting around 700 guests due to demand. It was one of the best weddings one can dream of.

5. Unlike the norm, the couple did not view the final work prior to the wedding as they did not want to micromanage the creative minds of Evensis Ventures. Betty kyalo and Dennis Okari admit that they were amazed at the outcome.

6. Betty Kyalo had her hair and that of her brides’ maids custom made by Darling Kenya two days prior to her wedding. The hair type is so new that cosmetics and hair beauty company Darling Kenya does not have a name for it yet and are still calling it Betty Hair.

7. Groomsmen wore ready-made Turkish suits. To add a playful touch and bring happy thoughts to the look, Dennis came up with a last-minute idea of wearing brightly colored socks that he bought for all his groomsmen

8. The song that Dennis Okari danced to; Feeling Good, by Michael Buble, was explicitly picked to break the notion that he cannot dance, due to the nature of his investigative TV job. He also chose Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland that led the bridal procession as it is not shared and is a romantic song. Pachelbel’s Canon in D’, selected for its soothing nature and beautiful strings, walked Betty down the aisle.

9. Friday was a neutral wedding day to accommodate both sides of the family; the groom’s SDA side that does not have weddings on Saturdays and the bride’s Catholic side that prefer not to have weddings on Sundays. It would also ensure a minimal number of children showed up in keeping with the theme of the wedding; English elegance.

Betty Kyalo, Daughter

Kyalo has a baby girl from her marriage to Dennis Okari, Ivanna Okari.

Betty Kyalo daughter

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo Divorce

Betty Kyallo divorced Dennis Okari, six months after their much-publicized wedding held at Marula Manor in Karen. Just less than half a year ago, Dennis Okari showed that Kenyan men are still romantic after he took Betty to some of the best holiday destinations in the world for a vacation after their lavish wedding. However, their marriage has hit rock bottom six months later, and they no longer see each other eye to eye.

According to snoops, Betty has already moved out of their matrimonial home and rented an apartment in one of the leafy suburbs of Nairobi, where she lives with her daughter, Ivanna. A source revealed to us that the sexy anchor divorced the famous investigative reporter three months ago because of infidelity and other ‘irreconcilable differences.’

Apparently, Dennis Okari, who is nick-named “Kadinya” in NTV’s newsroom, is a notorious womanizer, and his unfortunate history with women is known among his fellow journalists. When he was dating Betty, she busted him once in a compromising situation with a popular TV host at his house, and this nearly ended their affair.

Another source revealed to us that Okari has a baby mama, and this is making Betty go mad because they still have strong ties. In fact, Okari still supports his baby mama financially, and this is one of the reasons his marriage with Betty has hit a dead end.

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Why Betty Kyalo Quit KTN for K24

It is not clear why Kyallo quit KTN, but insiders at the media house said she was given an irresistible package. The news anchor has been praised for flexibility during interviews as she uses English, Kiswahili, and even Sheng. But she has not shied away from controversies that have surrounded matters, including her short-lived marriage to NTV anchor Dennis Okari.

Betty Kyalo has also been in the spotlight due to the fallout with Susan Kaittany of Posh Palace hair and beauty salon, who was her best friend and business partner. News of Betty Kyalo exit came shortly after KTN crime reporter Dennis Onsaringo resigned to become Taita Taveta county director of communications. Another KTN journalist, Karen Karimi, quit her job to be with her fiance, who is a pilot reportedly. Karimi said she was willing to relocate to the Middle East to spend more time with the man.

K24 recently poached Royal Media’s top radio talents Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o, and Jacky Nyaminde alias Wilbroda. Citizen Radio’s Joyce Gituro and Francis Luchivya exited to join MediaMax.

Summary of the Things you Need to Know about Betty Kyalo

  1. Betty Kyalo’s parents divorced while she was still young. She lived with her mother and other siblings in Nairobi, Ongata Rongai. The father would occasionally visit them.
  2. Cathrine Kasavuli was her inspiration to media. Betty Kyalo admired her and wished to present news the way Cathrine did. She would sometimes stand before the mirror to show news.
  3. Betty Kyalo’s dream as a young girl was to be a nun. She admired how angelic they looked. So divine and peaceful in church, they were.
  4. In 2005, when Betty Kyalo was still in form three, she was knocked by a bus at Haile Sellasie road in Nairobi. She broke her collar bone, injured her face and ribs. She was hospitalized for two months.
  5. Betty Kyalo studied Communications at Daystar University after completing her high school education at Kangundo Girls High School.
  6. Betty Kyalo is passionate about cars. If she is not at work, you will find her in the garage or driving to the countryside. She even started a program at KTN called the Auto World. She owns a Subaru WRX.
  7. Betty Kyalo was married to Denis Okari, a fellow journalist at NTV, and they are blessed with a daughter called Ivana.
  8. The most challenging moment at work was when Betty Kyalo interviewed the Kenyan rapper Prezzo. Prezzo tried to hug her and fondled her on live television. It elicited angry reactions from Kenyans condemning Prezzo’s behavior.
  9. Betty Kyalo is a second born in a family of four. She has an elder brother and two sisters.
  10. When Betty Kyalo was hospitalized after the accident, her mother refused the doctor’s recommendation to remove the skin from her thigh to graft her left face, which had been disfigured by accident. This was after Betty had undergone eight surgeries.

Betty Kyalo and Joho Dating

Betty Kyalo admitted to dating Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. She stated that she was going through so much after her breakup with Dennis Okari, even though it was claimed that she was in another relationship with another man when she split with Dennis. Betty Kyalo shut down the rumors and stated that if anything, the infidelity was on Dennis’ side.

“It wasn’t until May (2016) that I became close to Hassan. He was going through the same thing, a separation, and we connected on that level. We tried to have something, and it gave me comfort because we understood where we were with each other. He was easy to talk to, hang out, and have fun with.”

“But after a few months, I decided that this was not what I wanted for myself. We had a culture clash and a religious clash. I also wanted to be a strong woman; I wanted to make something of myself and my daughter. I wanted to start a business because I am young and energetic. But he wanted someone who was chilled; there was a conversation of me quitting my career and just staying at home. We did not see eye to eye on this. It was a painful discovery, and I knew it was going to hurt once again, but I had to walk. I left with what was mine and gave him  what was his, and we parted ways peacefully in December 2016.”

Joho is said to have bought Betty Kyalo a car – BMW X5

Betty Kyalo Business – Flair by Betty

Betty apparently was not upset so much about a rather messy situation. She decided to move on, and she did exactly that. The woman has recently opened her own beauty salon in Kilimani. The establishment is modern and cozy, and the staff is made up of professionals dedicated to their work. The owner makes sure her clients are treated like they are all VIPs. The salon is a combination of quality service and affordability because that was Betty’s aim. Because it is not only about benefits but also about creating workplaces for people. Like that. A woman in her early 30s can be an example of attraction, professionalism, diligence, and purposefulness. Betty Kyalo is as it seems a good mother for her kid, a reason to be proud and a great colleague for other journalists at K24.

Betty Kyalo

Upclose with Betty Kyalo Program

Hosted by Betty Kyalo, where she visits different Kenyans at their homes and places of work during weekends who share with her their life stories, including relationships, business, etc.

Betty Kyalo Contacts.

Use the following channels to reach out to Betty Kyalo:

Instagram: bettymuteikyallo

11 Ways on how celebrated TV anchor Betty Kyallo rose to the top

1. Own public life

When I got a job at KTN and even before I went on air, my then managing editor, Katia Nile, told me, “I hope you understand what this means, “From now on you’ll not be able to wear slippers and go to the kiosk, you cannot be seen holding a beer bottle, you cannot be rowdy.

Now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with all the publicity or being a popular figure, because, with the career that I chose, that is the price you pay. It exposes your life a lot. Everything about you is out there.

Even if you choose to really hide and live your life privately, sometimes it is not possible. That’s the price of fame. Sometimes you pay that price very harshly, but sometimes it works for my brand. I own it. People feel they can connect with me like they know me and feel warm towards me. It has its negativity, but I choose to look at the positive side.

2. Find your comeback

It’s alright to feel your pain, but don’t be consumed by it. Don’t let pain make you bitter. It’s OK to wallow for some time, but know that you have to get over it before it drowns you. Setting up Posh Palace was definitely a comeback for me. When I see the premises while driving past it, it reminds me of my inner strength. I am still in awe. It stands for so much more than just a business. It is unusual for me.

3. Allow yourself to weep

When I was in the heat of it early last year, I went off social media entirely. I deactivated and deleted every social media app from my phone – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I had to grieve in peace and be in a reflective space. People want you to lose your job, and sometimes you actually go ahead and drop the job, or lose your relationship or a big business deal.

It’s OK to feel sad, cry, mourn, even if it is for a day or a week or a month or two. Everybody needs that. If you find yourself moving on from such things without thinking about it or feeling anything, there’s a problem. If you do not do it, at some point, it will catch up with you.

4. Remember that everyone struggles

What helped me go through my very public battle, knowing that there were so many people’s eyes on me, was knowing that none of them were perfect, and neither am I.

As much as you have many perfectionists out there trying to tell you what is wrong and right, remember that nobody is perfect. When you remember that, you will not attempt to live a life that is not yours. It’s OK and human to make mistakes. Everybody has a struggle — even Richard Branson with his islands and aircraft.

You could have a lot of wealth, lots of property, a gorgeous wife or husband, beautiful children, but maybe you’re suffering from a long-term illness. That’s just life. Our battles have a way of balancing all of us out. We could be different on many levels, but there is that one thing that brings us together, and that usually is a battle.

5. Put God first

Human beings, including family, friends, and colleagues, let you down, but God won’t. People think God’s answer is always going to be ‘yes,’ but He doesn’t work like that.

Knowing that has worked so much for me because I believe that at the end of the day, no matter what situation I am in, God has a reason for it. Sometimes we stress ourselves out asking why God let this or that happen, but believe that it all works out in your best interests. Sometimes what we think is good for us is not actually good for us in the long term.

As human beings, we just see what’s right in front of us, but He sees eternity. When I am going through hard times, I feel comfortable knowing He has my back. That gives me comfort, knowing there is a higher power who knows how to place things where they need to be.

6. Lean on your support system

Last year I would go online, and there were all these people who did not know me but had an opinion about me. My family would go online and see it all, but it would never change how they felt or looked at me because I am one of their own.

The same happened with my very close friends. I would ask them, “Have you seen what these people are saying?” and they would say, “Where are you? We need to take you out ASAP.” You need a close friend, a sister…anyone who has your back when you’re going through something terrible, public or not.

They change your story. They are there to support you and hold your hand. They are there to listen to you. Most of the time, the world is not ready to listen to you; they do not want to hear your side of the story. Having a support system really helps because in this life you cannot live as an island. You need people who are there to support you and hold your hand.

Even when you do wrong, they criticize you, but they do it with love. Whenever I go through a hard time, I always go back to my support system because they are the ones who know me. They do not know ‘Betty Kyallo.’ They know me. They know the things that I am capable of, they know if I actually did something or not.

7. Guard your heart

I dealt with having people I thought were friends being anything but. That will always happen to you. Even knowing what I know now, that can still happen to me. I have, however, learned not to bring people too close. The moment you do, it becomes straightforward for them to bring you down.

You have to have friends, but you also have to be objective in your friendship. You are there for each other and support each other, but there is a certain distance that you still need to have to protect yourself. Do not put yourself out there completely for everybody to see and analyze.

8. They are hurting too

People’s opinions should not define you. Keyboard warriors are very many. I used to really care what people said, but I snapped out of it. Because everyone has a struggle, someone’s struggle might not be manifested in their day to day interactions, but it can be revealed in that they feel much better when they see someone else going down.

Sometimes people are so empty that they are looking for the next thing to give them some purpose. And it happens to be you. I tell myself that keyboard warriors will always be there, but whatever opinion they hold about you does not define who you are. You determine who you are.

9. Develop a great filter

When I was going through my separation, people had an opinion about everything. At some point, I was utterly immersed in that world, following what people were saying, but I realized that the more I did that, the more I couldn’t even leave my room because the whole world was against me. That really wasn’t the case. Those were just a few people seated somewhere, and that was just their opinion. I had to learn how to filter things out the hard way. Take in what is right and leave what is wrong.

Today, it is tough to come to my heart. I have shielded myself so much that you cannot get to me. The things that get to my heart are things that I have intentionally let in. If someone makes a comment and you say, “Oh Betty, you’re an amazing anchor, I love what you do,” I take that in very fast and lock it in somewhere. But the moment I see negativity, I lock it out. I also don’t go out looking for negativity. I don’t go checking what people are saying about me.

That’s what everybody should do. Even if a friend says something wrong about you, you don’t have to react. That’s the only way to protect yourself. If you let everything in, then you will be fighting a lot of battles. Block them. Don’t think about them. Don’t indulge them. Just let it go.

10. Pick your battles

I can tell what is positive criticism from an insult or a derogatory comment when I hear it. Sometimes it’s good to have a voice, and sometimes it’s good to stay quiet. It’s good to keep calm and hold back and let things be, but sometimes, if you are strong enough, you can decide to fight for yourself. In any case, you only have yourself. Nobody is going to come and fight your battles for you apart from God.

That’s why sometimes I respond to comments online. Sometimes I’m just having fun, and sometimes I’m just showing people that they shouldn’t take these things too seriously. I can respond to negative feedback, and I’m not afraid of it. I’ll just decide, “Alright, let’s fight this out!” I don’t do that a lot. I do it when I am out to have a little fun or when a line is crossed.

11. Find a distraction

It could be a new hobby, traveling, cooking, or anything you like doing. Find something that will stop you from feeling the pain too much. The distraction for me was my daughter, Ivanna, who is three and a half-years-old. When I would go home after a bad day, I wouldn’t have a chance to think about my issues until the next morning or until she went to bed.

I could not show her that mummy was sad. I also love dancing, so I would sometimes decide just to put on my high heels and go out and dance. The distractions make life easier to get through and helps you rise above whatever you’re going through.

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