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Best Wedding Photography & Videography Packages in Kenya

Best Wedding Photography & Videography Packages in Kenya

Our Wedding Photography and Videography Packages With Drone

Our Packages Features

  • Experienced and Reliable Team of Photographers, Videographers and Film Directors
  • Professional Video Camera with 4K Shooting Capabilities
  • Affordable, Clean, and Professional Photo Mounts (A3 & A4 Sizes)
  • Professional Wedding Video Editing
  • Fast delivery for edited photos and videos (Delivery in strictly 7 days after the wedding date)
  • Incorporation of gimbals and stabilizers in videography to ensure smooth and stable shots (videos).
  • Best experience (Team Arrival Time, Great Conduct, Quality Edits & Superb Live Coverage where applicable)
The Premium Package is one of the best packages. Grab this offer before it expires. The package features.

  • 2 Professional Wedding Photographers
  • 2 Professional Wedding Videographers
  • Professional drone camera with a drone operator
  • Edited Wedding Photos – 400 Photos
  • Edited Wedding Video – 60 to 90 Minutes
  • 1 A3 Elegant Photo Mount
  • Basic PhotoBook (Printable) – 48 Pages

Mini Photography & Videography Package at Ksh 89,000

Premium Photography & Videography Package at Ksh 149,000

Gold Photography & Videography Package at Ksh 239,000

Glamorous Wedding Photography Only Package at Ksh 299,000

Need a custom wedding photography quotation? Contact us 0714444045 or click our link here to learn more about our services πŸ‘‰ Janeson Wedding Photography and Videography.

Wedding Photography and Videography Services in Kenya

Wedding Photography & Videography in Safari Park Hotel.
Indian Wedding Photography & Videography in Concord Hotel, Parklands Nairobi County.
Ethiopian Wedding Photography & Videography in Voyage Beach Resort, Mombasa County.
Wedding Photography & Videography with Aerial Drone Coverage in Kahawa Sukari
Wedding Photography & Videography at Tamarind Hotel, along Ngong Road, Nairobi County.
Wedding Photography & Videography and Aerial Drone Coverage in Sigona Golf Club.
If you are looking for a team that can professionally document your wedding event, at Janeson we can help you to make sure that these memories are not forgotten.

If you would like to have your big day documented by a professional team of photographers, trust Janeson will offer a solution at an affordable cost.

How Much it Costs & Rates to Shoot a Wedding Video and Wedding Photography


  1. Mini Package – KSh 89,000
  2. Premium Package – KSh 149,000
  3. Gold Photography Package – Ksh 239, 000
  4. Glamorous Package – Ksh 299,000

Drone DJI 4K For Aerial Coverage

Here are the cameras we use.

1. Sony Z150 – 4k camera
3. BlackMagic Pocket – 4K Cinematography Camera
2. Canon 750D
3. Canon 5D
4. Sony a6000

We use with accessories like;

  • Ronins & Stabilizers
  • Speedlights
  • Video top lights for indoors
  • Photography light as well & SoftBox

Why Choose The Janeson Team for Your Wedding Photography & Coverage

  1. You can trust us. When you engage us to take care of your big day, you can relax knowing that we will show up in the best way and you will definitely enjoy your big day.
  2. The memories of your wedding are safe with us. Your Data Stored in 3 Different Copies. Have you ever heard a colleague say that their photographer didn’t deliver since their drive was damaged? This doesn’t happen in Janeson.
  3. Quick turnaround time – We take time to edit the wedding footage, edit the photos, prepare the photobook and the photo mounts. This does not mean that we should take months. We use the Paleto Principle. Your wedding deliverables are always available within 7-14 days after the day of the wedding ceremony.
  4. Timeless Styles – We use the best quality gears and deliver top quality edited. We don’t make you a wedding video; We make a wedding film.
  5. Experience – The team at Janeson is experienced. Each individual with over 12 years experience and film making and at least 5 years specializing in wedding events coverage.

Wedding Videography With Livestream

Some of Our Wedding Videography Live stream on Youtube

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