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Best hospitals in Nairobi


There are several hospitals in Nairobi both private and public. However, these hospitals differ in terms if services offered and how well they are managed.

  1.  The Agha Khan University Hospital

The Aga Khan University Hospital is in Nairobi’s Parklands. Because of its well-trained medical personnel and high quality of service, this is undoubtedly the best private hospital in East and Central Africa. The Heart and Cancer Centre, the first of its kind in East Africa, is one of its most notable departments. The Jimmy Sayani Building houses the center, which has five operating theaters, twenty-three intensive care beds (including a cardiothoracic intensive care unit), a separate coronary intensive care unit, a newborn intensive care unit, and two radiation therapy units for cancer treatment. Its other divisions are also impressive.

2. The Nairobi Hospital

The Nairobi Hospital is a private hospital on Argwings Kodhek Road in Upperhill. This hospital provides a variety of medical treatments under one roof. The hospital has six operating rooms where they do a variety of surgeries such as open heart surgeries, neurological surgery, transplants, and laparoscopic surgeries. Their Intensive Care Unit contains 13 beds, three of which are isolation rooms with doctor care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. The Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral, Reaearch Hospital

KUTRRH is the country’s sole hospital that offers high-quality care at an inexpensive price. It is the country’s only research hospital. Its primary goal is teaching and research because it is owned by Kenyatta University. This 650-bed hospital is often regarded as the best equipped in East and Central Africa. It has cutting-edge medical technology, such as the recently opened Integrated Molecular Imaging Center. This will aid in cancer therapy and diagnosis. Kenyatta University Hospital is well equipped to provide highly specialized cancer, Trauma & Orthopedics, Renal, Accident & Emergency, and other treatments, but its flagship project is the cancer center.

4. The Karen Hospital

Karen Hospital is located on Lang’ata Road in Karen. Despite being one of the country’s newest health facilities, this hospital provides a comprehensive range of medical services, including Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery.

5. Mater Misericordiae Hospital

The Mater Misericordiae Hospital was founded in 1962 by an Irish Catholic Order of Nuns. It offers a variety of medical services, including a Cardiac Program and other specialized services. The Mater Misericordiae Hospital also includes surgical theaters where a variety of operations, including pediatric heart surgery, are done. Patients who cannot afford surgery can receive it for free through the Mater Heart Fund.

6. The AAR Hospital

AAR Hospital is Nairobi’s newest health facility found on Kiambu Road, opposite Karura Forest. The hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient care. It has a 12-bed ICU, a 9-bed HDU, and a 5-cot neo-natal unit, as well as four operating theaters. A doctors’ plaza is also available at AAR Hospital to ensure that all patients have quick access to specialist treatments.

7. The Getrudes Childrens Hospital

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, located in Muthaiga, Nairobi, is the best pediatric hospital in Eastern and Central Africa. This is hardly surprising given that it was founded in 1947, making it one of the region’s oldest pediatric hospitals. Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital provides a wide range of medical treatments, including surgery, emergency care, preventive care, and rehabilitation. The hospital is permitted to treat children and adolescents up to the age of 21.

8. Kenyatta Naional Hospital

Nairobi’s Kenyatta National Hospital is the premier referral hospital in East and Central Africa. It is Kenya’s oldest and largest hospital, having a bed capacity of 1800. Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya’s largest and principal referral hospital, provides every medical treatment imaginable. Because it aspires to give medical services to everyone, regardless of income level, medical treatments in this facility are reasonably inexpensive. Kenyatta National Hospital also accepts insurance from NHIF and all of the country’s main insurance carriers.

9. The M.P Shah Hospital

This modern 210-bed institution is home to highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated medical personnel and has been delivering exceptional healthcare services as well as personal care for many years. The hospital, which was created by benefactors in the 1930s, is also noted for aiming to deliver the greatest healthcare at the most inexpensive prices. It currently specializes in oncology, cardiology, hematology, dermatology, gynecology, and pediatrics.

10. The Nairobi Women`s Hospital

This 479-bed contemporary hospital serves approximately 300,000 outpatients and 120,000 inpatients every year, with 1300 trained and skilled staff available around the clock. The hospital focuses in gynecology, pediatrics, oncology, dermatology, physiotherapy, and other medical fields.

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