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Best Film, Photography, Video Production, Editing Schools/Colleges in Nairobi, Kenya

Video Production

Film, video production (Shooting & Editing) Training Courses, Schools & Colleges in Kenya

The film and related creative industries have become a centerpiece of contemporary social and cultural life in Kenya. Janeson Video Production School has been established to reflect and respond to this development to equip learners with the knowledge to imagine, design, and create a better world through film production. Are you yearning to become a film producer or a video editor and looking for the best school to get the necessary training and certificate in film and video production? Well, Janeson is one of the best colleges offering film production courses in Kenya. We take pride in forming successful pathways of creative careers and move beyond formalized education into the worlds of professional and art-based video production.

Janeson Film & Video Production School 

As one of the renowned premier institutions offering photography and videography courses in Kenya, our courses are so unique in that we assume no prior knowledge beyond the basic knowledge and a passion for creating art and designing. In addition, video production and editing courses are modular in concept and delivery, and the student is free to choose from the available units at each level to suit their own interests and aspirations. Thus it is possible that, with tutorial guidance in video editing courses in Kenya, each individual student can tailor their course to their apparent and developing talents. Video shooting and editing in Kenya enhance creative and intellectual inclinations. Reasons to choose Janeson as one of the colleges offering certificates in film production in Kenya:

  • We believe that the reputation of film production schools in Kenya is determined mainly by the quality of its graduates of certificate courses in videography. We are proud that most of our graduates in film and TV production courses in Kenya are employed in professional occupations within three months of completing their studies.
  • We are a video and photography school for Kenya’s future.
  • We have top-notch facilities and use the latest technologies in teaching.
  • We have an attractive and fair Kenya film school fees structure for every certificate course in videography.
  • Our video production and editing courses that we offer combine creativity with business insight and technology.
  • We equip our students with the best possible video editing courses in Kenya to enable them to start their future creative careers.
  • We produce graduates who are capable of carrying out video shooting and editing in Kenya and contributing to a vibrant and successful film society.
  • We partner with other high-end colleges offering certificates in film production in Kenya and other professions to conduct research that’s relevant in improving film production course requirements and delivery.
  • As a place to go for a certificate in film and video production, Janeson takes pride in creating new knowledge and developing new ideas for current world videography.
  • Through our world-class film production courses in Kenya, we impart knowledge to finding solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

Video editing courses in Kenya are intended for students who are dedicated to investing a career in media, entertainment, design, visual and performing arts. In addition, video production and editing courses belong to students who are motivated to learn how the creative process functions in film industries and how modern technologies are reshaping them. Once skills are achieved, our trainers will also give directions on how to get video production jobs in Kenya. Lastly, film production course requirements and achievements are taken by those who want to acquire the production skills that will enable them to build a successful career in the film industry.

Why Choose Janeson for Training in Film and Video Production Courses in Kenya

  • Providing video editing courses in Kenya with a guarantee to receive the verified certificates to showcase your achievement.
  • Our training programs are made with the world’s top-rated film production courses providing you with amazing opportunities. Also, our rates and charges are fair as regulated by the Kenya film school fees structure program.
  • Our training programs have flexible time to complete each course, whenever or wherever you choose.
  • A series of recognized certificates in film and video production courses help to accelerate your career and enhance your qualification in various categories in the film industry.
  • As one of the film production schools in Kenya, Janeson creates an amazing future in any field and expands your opportunities that will exceed your long-term expectations.
  • Our film production experts, review, mentor, and coach all the students to ensure a competitive advantage for career success in the film industry.

If you are looking for a more satisfying career, dreaming of finally going to college, or looking to chase your passion, Janeson Video Production School can make it happen. Join us today if you want a genuine education experience, friendly staff and students, never-ending opportunities, and most importantly, a challenge to help you grow your career opportunities in the film industry. Video production courses include film production, basic videography, and advanced videography.

All the film & video production courses we offer are among the most marketable courses in Kenya and a great start for students who are beginners to video editing or transitioning from different video editing software packages. We utilize a simple production-based training methodology and all our students gain valuable skills alongside the knowledge from our experienced trainers in video production. We adopt the usage of advanced video editing tools. You may combine the video production and video editing course with Graphic Design Course to make your skills more marketable in a fully packed category.

As a graduate from JanesonX School video production course program, you will dive well into the following videography units:

  • An Overview Of The Entire Workflow
  • Shooting Footage – Video Shooting Tips And Techniques
  • Getting A Feel For Non-Linear Editing
  • Importing Assets – Getting Video Files Into A Computer
  • Editing Video – What the project entails
  • Exporting Projects And Files – Sharing Your Completed Work
  • Optimizing Your Hardware
  • Starting And Opening Projects And Syncing
  • Navigating Within The Workspace
  • Customizing Your Workspace
  • Customizing Your Monitors
  • How To Work With Monitor Overlays
  • Applying And Replacing Video Transitions
  • Performing Slip, Slide and Split Edits
  • Among other units

Enroll today and become a professional in video production.

By end of this course, you will be able to script, shoot and edit videos in these industries.

  1. Wedding Photography
  2. Corporate Video Production
  3. Documentary Video Production
  4. And many more,

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