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Best estates to live in Nairobi for students and middle class


Nairobi is the capital city of the Republic of Kenya. For this reason, it is the highly populated city in Kenya and is seen as the business hub for East Africa. Demand for housing within the city has led to the development of several estates. These estates vary in many ways ranging from affordability of the rent to security, to other factors such as water, good roads and other services.

Pipeline estate

Pipeline is an estate within the Embakasi South area of Nairobi. Pipeline is relatively affordable in terms of rent and cost of living. Houses are ranging betweem ksh. 2500 to 10,000 per month. This has made the estate be among the most populated in Nairobi.

Cost of basic daily needs such as food and water is relatively cheap and can be managed by even those who do casual jobs. Pipeline do not have quite rampant insecurities making it safe.


Buruburu is an old estate is mostly inhabited by the middle class Kenyans. The estate has about 6 phases. Though it has quite old houses built in the post colonial era, Buruburu still remains among the best estate for middle class due to its affordability. Rent in Buruburu depends on the type of the house and the size. Two bedroom can be between 9000 to 1300 shillings. The serenity in Buruburu makes it the best place to live if you do not like a lot of noise and allergic to air pollution or other forms of pollution.


Kasarani is a fast growing estate along the famous Thika Superhighway. Many businesses along the mega road makes the estate stand out as a good place to live and the proximity to the City Center is an added advantage. However, in the recent times, insecurity has been a concern otherwise it remains a good place to stay. Rent ranges between ksh. 5000 to 30,00 depending onnthe type of house.


Langata is a bit expensive in terms of housing but if you are a civil servant and you need a place where you can easily go to work without facing a lot of traffic jam then try Langata estate. One bedroom will make you depart with between ksh. 20, 000 to 30,000. Security is not an issue as the area is highly secure.


Georgraphically, Rongai is in Kajiado county but it is taken to be within Nairobi and its environs. This estate is a good place for middle and low class as it caters for both. Students from the sorrounding universities like the Multi Media, CUEA, Cooperative and Nazarene also lives here. Security is moderate and rents ranges between 3500 to 25000.

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