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Best contents for Tiktok that will make you famous


Tiktok is the most popular social media app among the youths where they can express their different talents and skills. This fast-rising platform is originally a Chinese platform but has quickly made its way into the global usage. In Tiktok, you will get contents of various kinds and you will never get enough of it. However, not all content will go viral and make you famous, some will not do well compared to others.

1. Dance challenges

One of the most type of content in Tiktok is dance challenges. In this, you listen to a new or just a popular hit song and then vibe to it by creating your own unique dance style. This has has made some to go viral and even become celebrities. Example is Azziad Nasenya from Kenya who got her fame out of a dance challenge.

2. Comedy

If you are a funny man or woman but you have not made it to the public limelight and would like to share your fun with others then try your luck on Tiktok. Do videos of your comedy and upload on tiktok and once they go viral you willwake up a celebrity.

3. Pranks

Pranking people is fun to those who watch it. You can start creating contents that only deals with pranks. This can go far and earn you the fame you yearn for.

4. Lifestyle

Sometimes you just need to show people your lifestyle but you lack the platform for it. Try it out on Tiktok and be consistent. This will attract attention of those who are up to lifestyle.

5. Fashion

Tiktok is a very good platform to show your fashion taste and exchange ideas. There are many especially ladies who struggle to get the right fashion for any occasion. If you do this consistently then you will earn their trust and your name will quickly spread out.

6. Podcast

You can organize your podcasts to become your Tiktok content. If you deal with topics and issues of interest to many then soon you will get the publicity you never expected.

7. Commentaries

You can choose to be a commentator in life where you dissect various issues that happen in daily life. For instance, critiquing celebrity lives and giving your alternative point of view. A good example is Andrew Kibe.

8. News reporting

You can base your account on reporting news either on camera or off camera through Tiktok. If you are authentic and reliable then you will earn the trust of many and become famous.



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