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Best Audio Production – Music Recording Studio in Nairobi, Kenya

Best Audio Production – Music Recording Studio in Nairobi, Kenya

Music Production

Janeson Recordings staff of engineers, performers, and composers, will work with you for a creative solution, within budget, and at the deadline. At the end of the day, it’s your project. Janeson Recordings are here to make it happen. Janeson Recordings production directors will offer an unforgettable experience. Remember this is a studio built by musicians for musicians like you!”

Song Writing

Songwriters present a subject for the listener to hear that will evoke the intended reaction. Janeson recordings is a one-stop recording studio in Kenya that offers complete songwriting services on any style, genre, or subject. Janeson Recordings also help with song critiquing to help you improve your ideas.


Janeson Recordings stays true to its name when it comes to recording music. Technological advancements are placed into consideration in order to ensure only the most advanced recording equipment. For voiceovers, jingles, or music demos, they got you!

Mixing and Mastering

The Janeson Mixing and Mastering service is available for prospecting musicians. Projects can be submitted as individual tracks (WAV files), Pro Tools project folders (supporting up to version 11), and Cubase project folders (up to version 4). Music to be mastered is submitted as a single stereo WAV file.

Music Business Consulting

On location professional recording services for any application. You are there wondering how you can get started in the music business, or wondering how to monetize your current music; Just give us a call and they will tell it all.”

Music Composition

Composers may well be the unsung heroes of music production. Their composers will move even the most tone-deaf among us. Putting together musical notations from start to finish is no mean fete.]

Sound Design

Whether it is post-production for film or a music track that needs a bigger sound,  they can help bring to life whatever it is you hear in your head. Janeson Recordings software synthesizer library and vast sampling knowledge can provide a virtually unlimited number of sounds and effects.

Voice Over

Janeson Recordings can create a perfectly dry acoustic space that is ideal for voice-over work. Janeson Recordings also have all of the high-end microphones and outboard to give the proper presence your voice-over needs. At Janeson Recordings they also have the best Voice over artists while their rates are far more competitive’

Music Audio Production Studio Nairobi County Kenya

If you are a musician and looking for a professional audio production studio, look no further than Janeson Recordings.  They offer impeccable service to their clients because the music industry is flooded with poor quality recordings which fail to impress.  Talent with poor recording and musical backdrops are the main causes of artist failure.  Janeson Recording has been in the production industry for a while and understands what artists need.  Through their services, they strive to improve the industry.  Janeson Recordings have an interactive platform where their staff and artists exchange and share ideas.  The platform creates an informal working setup where everyone is comfortable.

The Kenyan market is versatile and has inspired several artists in various genres of music. If you are a talented artist in need of a production studio then you have come to the right place.  At Janeson Recordings, you will receive the right tools to make you successful in the game.  Janeson Recordings team is always at your beck and call.  Janeson Recordings will be there whenever you need our services.  Our serene recording environment will motivate you to realize your dreams.  Janeson’s team will soon discover your potential and help you create big hits.

They have proficient recording equipment that can manage all your requirements. They are able to compose musical backgrounds that will match the vocal talents.  They also have composers ready to assist, they will give you the beat that matches your genre. Sometimes a musician can get creative blocks and for this, they have professional composers who can come to their aid. If you also need mixing and mastering solutions, Janeson got you covered.  Janeson also offers professionals who can play instruments upon request.  In this industry, trust is very important.  They have been in the game for a long time and understand what it takes to be a success.  They deliver what Janeson Recordings clients expect, as they listen to their demands and still are professional while advising them.

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