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Best and profitable businesses to start in Kenya


One of the surest ways to ensure financial stability is to start and own a business. A personal business will guarantee you a financial strength even in times of hardship as long as the business is standing. Those who had own businesses managed to maneuver through the COVID-19 period successfully as they were able to cater for their daily needs easily. This opened the eyes of many and need to start a business became quite common among many.

However, one of the many challenges in starting a business is knowing which business is best suitable an profitable within a given locality. This has made many initiate several businesses that late collapsed due to lack of prior knowledge before venturing. It is therefore important to be aware of the best and profitable businesses to try out in Kenya. Below are some of the businesses you can try out;

Selling Mtura

Mtura is a common street food in Kenya that is liked by many people regardless of social class. This means that its demand is on a high level and nso it can give some good returns. It requires less captal as long as you have a grill and can manage to get to the slaughter houses early enough to get the intestines needed to make the mtura.

Auto Wash.

Due of its profitability and simplicity of establishment, car washes are one of the most popular enterprises in the nation. Make sure the location is large, accessible, and has a plentiful supply of water. Once you have current vehicle washing equipment, you may launch your business and start making money quickly.

Selling Smokie and Eggs

Once you can acquire a trolley you can start this business with just a tray of eggs and one packet of smokies. This will not cost more than ksh. 1200. Then look for a good location along a busy road or corridor.


In a daycare facility, you can take care of infants and young children whose parents must work but who aren’t yet old enough to start school. Many parents struggle to find a babysitter and are unable to take their young children with them to work. Baby care is a passion for this firm, and the employee must provide standout services that captivate clients.


You may start this company with as little as 2000 Shillings by buying garments from large marketplaces like Gikomba, selling them locally, and making a profit.


If you possess a car, you may either work this company full-time or as a side gig if you already have a job. To provide their services, one can sign up for an account on one of the many taxi apps.

Garbage Pickup

Offering the service of garbage collection for landlords and company owners inside estates may be a wonderful employment, especially if you possess a vehicle or any other means of carrying the rubbish to the proper disposal site. Since most estates have subpar waste management systems, this is a good opportunity.


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