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Bernice Saroni Spoils Father With Special Lunch Ahead Of Father’s Day


Samidoh’s Music Producer Celebrates Father Ahead of Father’s Day 

Bernice Saroni recently shared a mysterious message highlighting the tendency of couples to overlook their children’s emotions during a separation. She made this observation after spending time with her parents and her friend Edday Nderitu, who is currently staying with her in the United States.

It is rumoured that Edday and her husband Samidoh are separated. Netizens commended Bernice for supporting Edday during a tumultuous period involving her husband and his previous partner Karen Nyamu. Bernice, along with her mother, decided to celebrate an early Father’s Day for her father as a way of expressing their gratitude for his presence in their lives.

During this breakfast gathering, Bernice and Edday appeared in lovely photos with Bernice’s family. However, Bernice’s social media post included a cryptic message addressing the issue of parents neglecting their children’s well-being during separations, which can cause significant harm to the children. This statement comes shortly after Edday expressed her intention to stay abroad and made it clear that she had no plans to reconcile with Samidoh, her husband.

Samidoh has been previously involved with Karen Nyamu, a nominated senator, and their relationship has been characterized by dramatic ups and downs, leaving Edday and the children caught in the middle. Bernice’s Instagram status read as follows: “Our Father’s Day starts early. Regardless of one’s age, the love of a parent is always profoundly special. When you are loved by your parents, you should feel that love even without them explicitly saying it. Our current generation often fails to consider their children’s feelings and as a result, our children are left wounded due to our selfishness. During times of separation, we tend to focus solely on ourselves and overlook the impact on our chusband.”

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