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Bajaj Boda boda loans in Kenya



Bajaj is one of the most trusted companies for boda boda in Kenya—they sell high quality motorcycles. To get one,you need to make an arrangement with Mogo for a loan.

Below are the terms for the loan:

MOGO – boda boda loans leader in Kenya

MOGO is the leading vehicle financing company in Kenya. With our efficient, quick, and flexible terms of service, you can secure your very own boda hustle free.

Get a motorcycle loan and ride your bodaboda home with

  • KSh 15,000 deposit
  • Repayment plan of as low as KSh 300
  • Become a legal owner of your motorbike in 52 to 78 weeks depending on your preference.

How to get a boda loan from MOGO?

  • 1. Select a motorcycle Choose any motorbike – Bajaj Boxer
  • 2. Visit our authorized dealer Go to the dealer which sells boda model that you want. Choose the loan term (52-78 weeks) and installment amount.
  • 3. Sign a contract to get a loan After identity check, just sign a contract & pay the initial deposit of KSh 15,000. Your pikipiki will be ready in less than 24 hours.
  • 4. Ride your new boda! Ride your new motorcycle & conveniently pay on a weekly repayment schedule. After repaying the loan, you will be a legal owner of your boda boda.

Terms & Conditions of the Loan
To get a loan with MOGO, you need to meet these criteria

  • 6 months M-Pesa statement
  • National ID or passport
  • KRA Pin
  • Aged 20 – 50 years
  • 2 referees

It’s better to take a boda boda for loan than waiting to save money until you reach the price of buying one in cash. There is what we all time value of money, Ksh 100 may not have the same value in two years to come.



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