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Bahati Kenya Biography, Age, Wife, EMB, Gospel Career, Children

Bahati Kenya Biography

Bahati Kenya Biography

Kelvin Bahati, popularly known as Bahati, is an award-winning Kenyan Gospel singer. In addition, he was born Kelvin Kioko Bahati in 1994.

Surprisingly, his life story proofs that all dreams are valid no matter where one comes from. Not to mention, he became an orphan at a young age. When his mother died while he was in nursery school. On the one hand, Kevin Bahati was a former street boy who thereafter became a fast-rising music star.

Kelvin Bahati made headlines being the new kid in the entertainment industry, and he came as a rising star with his hit single ‘Siku Ya Kwanza’ in late 2012. Now a gospel wiz-kid Kevin Bahati has a life story that is often associated with people in the movies.

As a man with talent, his humble nature and undeniable talent put him in the big league. Having had a difficult childhood growing up, Bahati has managed to outshine many musicians in the entertainment gospel industry to emerge as an outstanding musician that saw him win the groove awards 2014 award for best male gospel musician. Now a hot topic in the radio waves, we take a look at the life history of Kevin Bahati and how exactly he came to be a star.

Bahati Kenya Age

Bahati was born on 1994, age 25 years as of 2019

Bahati Kenya Family

Bahati has a wife called Diana Marua, a Luo queen from Migori County, and they have two children Baby Heaven and Baby Majesty. Diana has a Diplomat Certificate in Information Technology and Diploma Certificate of Marketing Communication at KCA and St. Paul’s University. The two met as a result of a Video shoot where Diana was the Video Vixen in his song ‘Mapenzi.’

Bahati's Wife
Bahati with His Wife, Diana Marua

Kelvin Bahati: Personal life

His parents died at a tender age leading to Kelvin Bahati being left with no one to look after him. Being a bright child from a tender age, Kelvin Bahati decided to go to the ABC orphanage in Mathare slums in order for him to have shelter and education.

Now having a semblance of a healthy life, Kelvin Bahati went ahead to have an education until his high school years first at Nakeel school in Kajiado and then at St Theresa’s Boys in Eastleigh where he attained a C+ in KCSE at 2011. It is in 2012 that Bahati decided to make something of himself and thus ventured into the music industry.

Kelvin Bahati’s Networth

His net worth is estimated to be millions of Kenya shillings. He lives a lavish lifestyle and drives expensive cars thanks to his talent.

Bahati Kenya Children

Kelvin Bahati is now a proud father of 5 children. He has two children with Diana Marua and three adopted children.

Bahati Kenya Children
Bahati playing with his daughters

Bahati Kenya: Musical Journey

Kelvin Bahati’s musical journey started during his high school years. His talent was discovered when he made a solo performance in 2010 playing the guitar at the Music Festival National Level held in Nakuru. The next year Kelvin Bahati went ahead and represented his school St. Theresa Boys High School in Eastleigh, where he sang and played the guitar at the National Music Festival in 2011 that amazed the crowd.

Having his confidence in music grow, Kelvin Bahati decided to pursue music as a full-time career for his passion and as a means of him getting out of a hard life.

Straight from high school, Kelvin Bahati coupled up with J. Blessing and L.B films, which did his first song ‘Siku ya Kanza.’ This song went ahead to be a great hit song that propelled him to immediate celebrityhood in the gospel industry, with people increasingly requesting his song.

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Where did Kelvin Bahati school?

As a matter of fact, his parents died at a tender age leading to Kelvin Bahati being left with no one to look after him.

However, being a bright child from a tender age, Kelvin Bahati decided to go to the ABC orphanage in Mathare slums in order for him to have shelter and education.

Now having a semblance of a healthy life, Kelvin Bahati went ahead to have an education until his high school years first at Nakeel school in Ongata Rongai – Kajiado.

And then at St Theresa’s Boys in Eastleigh, where he attained a C+ in KCSE in 2011. It is in 2012 that Bahati decided to make something of himself and thus ventured into the music industry.

Bahati Kenya Education
Bahati in School

Kelvin Bahati Marriage & Relationships

Uniquely, having grown up an orphan who lost his mother at the age of 7. Remarkably, his maternal love saw him adopt two daughters and one son.

Namely, Purity Bahati, Rose Bahati, and Morgan Bahati by the age of 20. However, like any man seeking for lasting and selfless love, he entangled two public affairs with the likes of;

1. Elizabeth Lulu Michael

Important to realize, Kelvin Bahati openly tendered his interest in dating Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael.

In an update on his social media, the singer openly asked a Tanzania based radio presenter Millard Ayo to help him get the message to his dream woman.

Moreover, Kelvin Bahati told his fans that his heart would be settled if he got into a date with the beautiful Tanzanian actress.

2. Diana Marua

However, things did not turn his way, so to say, as the celebrity gospel hits maker is currently settled with Diana Marua. And whom they are blessed with a daughter by the name Heaven Bahati.

However, Diana Marua’s biography isn’t complete without acknowledging she is from a well-known family. Like her father, Joseph Omach is a leading cancer advocate fighting against stigma for cancer patients. Diana’s father is the founder of the childhood cancer initiative, which is a non-governmental organization since 2009.

The Being Bahati Reality TV Show

Being Bahati is a Reality Television Show affiliate to Kelvin Bahati and His Family Life. Especially now that the baby mama, Diana Marua, is also a renowned social media influencer from Kenya.

However, with the current media tides and waves engraving the whole show, it seems to have hit a snug whereby the reality show might have come to a sudden end sooner than expected.

Kevin Bahati: Songs and Awards

Kelvin Bahati had the privilege of being awarded Groove award winner for best male gospel singer 2014. He also received various nominations for best video of the year and best collaboration. On top of this, Kelvin Bahati has been named the best gospel artiste in Africa in the Afrimma awards 2014 hosted at the Eisemann Center in Texas, USA, a distinction that is usually reserved for musicians who have matured in the entertainment industry.

Now a musical sensation, Kelvin Bahati, has made his dream the aim of going to producing great quality music to his audience. This he plans by attaining skills in radio and music in college. As a relatively new musician, Kevin Bahati is taking the world by storm while maintaining a non- controversial lifestyle, as his new hit single, ‘Barua ’ is getting radio playtime Bahati is proving that he is a great model for youths.

Kelvin Bahati: Quit Music

Gospel singer Kelvin Bahati has been away from the limelight for a while now after he revealed that he had quit the gospel industry, which came as sad news and shock to his fans. The ‘Lover’ singer went to the extent of deleting all his photos from his social media pages.

This came after it was alleged that some of his fellow gospel artists, including Willy Paul and L Jay Maasai, were plotting to finish him musically and taint his image so that his fans would dislike him and stop supporting him musically.

But finally, Kelvin Bahati, is back and now his fans can jump in joy, and it looks like he has put on a brave face and is not letting anything or any haters get in his way this time. He posted his first photo and post on his social media in the wake of February 5th, and as Kelvin Bahati always does, he started by giving a brief look into his poverty-stricken life in the past and revealed what had put him down and stayed away from the public eye.

It happens that some of his enemies who wanted Kelvin Bahati to fall used his adopted kids as a means of hurting him and putting him down, which got him very emotional and brought doubts at the same time. Kelvin Bahati also revealed that he runs a hospital in Kayole for the disabled, something no one knew.

Reality TV stars Bahati and Diana Marua welcome baby boy named Majesty

On the afternoon of Wednesday, August 14, 2019, the celebrity couple ushered their second child together to the world.

Taking to his Instagram page to announce the arrival of the bundle of joy, Bahati could not hide his excitement as he also revealed the baby’s name, which according to the social media posts, is Majesty. Diana, on the other hand, explained the time and weight of the baby when he was born.

Bahati Kenya Daughter
Bahati and Diana Marua with their Baby

The baby will experience the life of being the son of two celebrities. For starters, Baby Majesty is barely hours old, but he already has an Instagram handle indicating, just like his sisters and brother, his life will be a public one. Well, baby Majesty Bahati’s life will not only be open for fans to keep up with his everyday living, but the toddler will also be making money as he is already RFH Hospital brand ambassador.

The couple who star in their own reality show dubbed Bahati Reality has a daughter, Heaven Bahati, and their adopted child Morgan, alongside Bahati’s other daughter, Mueni, whom she sired with his ex, Yvette Obura.

The love birds got their firstborn child on February 14, 2018, at Karen Hospital. Family and friends flocked the comment section to send their congratulatory messages and wished the mom and good newborn health.

The couple held a lavish baby shower and gender reveal party in the presence of their close family and friends.

Kevin Bahati Gospel Artist Opens up About His Family (Pulse)

“As you have heard in my song, Mama, I was nine years when my mother passed on, but now I have come to find out that I was actually seven then,” Bahati, the singing orphan, and now the most promising gospel singer recall.

“By the way, don’t shed tears if you get moved by the tribulations in my life as I am full grown now,” in quick succession, he jokes, his uplifted ambition betraying the pitfalls that have stalked his entire humble upbringing.

“Seven,” I pose with a puzzled gesture. We are here to connect the missing links. A prolonged awkward silence throws us to an uncalled-for an interlude.

It is only days after the talented contemporary gospel star docked at the Pulse desk, revealing his desire to reconnect with his family that sort of neglected him after his mother died while he was a toddler. His father, whom he cut links with shortly after his mother’s demise is also diseased. Even then, he was a stranger, after he remarried and relocated homes, with a poor Bahati finding himself alone in Kariobangi, a Nairobi slum, the only home he now knows.

“I had been living in ABC Kenya Children’s home in Kariobangi until I learned of the passing of my father. I was in Class Eight. Somehow, I managed to attend the burial, and it was after this when my step-brother took me. He is the only family I have ever known of,” says Bahati, of his guardian, Kioko Bahati. With Pulse and his step-brother as his back-up, two weeks ago, the young Bahati finally gathered courage and took a journey to his late mother’s native Makueni County to trace his background.

“The old man was utterly shocked. It was an emotional and fulfilling reunion. He informed me that my grandmother passed on years ago,” Bahati says, livening up in jubilation before dazing into another emotional interlude. His mind goes down memory lane, and as he reminisces, his hidden emotions so buried in his brave face tells of a memorable pilgrim. The grueling two-days search was an experience, one that saw them face resistance and even life-threatening handles. Into a remote village, they finally docked, and there was Bahati’s 105-year old grandfather.

“I have lived for 13 years without seeing my family, and I needed to see them. Amazing, my grandfather recognized me even with my short locks. The meeting was a humbling experience. The place is arid, and the realization of where I actually belong inspired me to work harder. It sparked one of my biggest dreams of being a factor of change in my society,” he recollects.

He spent the weekend at the village, and as he familiarised himself with his maternal family, no one was giving the word about his paternal end and sitting for this interview, every query we try to raise about the missing links is met with resistance. “I only talk about this when I am giving motivational talks to schools. I know that I can only count myself successful once I embrace forgiveness. This is what has opened many doors in my life,” he says.

He adds: “I encourage everyone to trace their roots and remember their humble beginnings. I believe the city can change us, but we have to remind ourselves of where we come from. It gives one such a sense of humility to see God’s favor upon your life. I don’t regret anything as there is power in a humble beginning.” “My dream is to be the voice of an African child. There are many people I am yet to inspire with God’s word,” he concludes

Bahati and Mr. Seed Fallout. Why Mr. Seed Ditched EMB Records

Kenyan musician Mr. Seed has ditched his friend Kevin Bahati’s nascent record label, EMB Records.

In a lengthy social media post on Tuesday, Mr. Seed announced that his decision to quit EMB Records after two years was for personal growth and to create room for other upcoming artistes.

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone had earlier claimed in a video posted on his social media that Mr. Seed had told him he quit EMB after Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, called the police on his (Seed’s) heavily pregnant fiancé Nimo Gachuri following a business disagreement between them.


When reached on the phone to clarify Ringtone’s claims, Mr. Seed neither denied nor confirmed. “Concerning this story, you are a writer go about it as you deem fit,” said Mr. Seed.

Pressed further, Mr. Seed asked to be contacted later in the day as he was busy at the time of the call. When contacted, he did not pick the calls and did not reply to the message sent to him.

He would later take to his Instagram posting a picture of himself kissing Nimo’s baby bump and gave more hints about why he left EMB, suggesting a rift between him and Bahati.

“I respect her so much, and if you have never disrespected her, no one can do that. Never allow anyone friends or whoever disrespects your woman kwanza when she’s carrying your baby so wrong,” wrote Mr. Seed.

Bahati Kenya Songs

Ching Ching
Bado featuring Denno
Story Yangu featuring Denno
Ten over Ten
Barua Kwa Mama featuring Eddy Kenzo
Lala Amka
Kuchu Kuchu ft wyre, King Kaka
Kwa Moyo ft Jemimah Thiog’o
Vitu ndogo ndogo ft David wonder,

Bahati Kenya Contacts

  1. Bahati’s Official YouTube Channel.
  2. Bahati’s Facebook Page.
  3. @BahatiKenya Twitter Profile.
  4. Instagram Page – @BahatiKenya.

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