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Bahati Finally Pays Diana Marua’s Dowry After Living In Sin For 7 Years


The African culture dictates that a man cannot live with a woman as husband and wife before paying the bride price, otherwise known as dowry.

However, many people have gone against the African norn and have been living in sin with their better halves and even get kids while at it.

Former gospel singer Bahati is not an exception.

Bahati paid Diana Marua’s dowry ahead of their White wedding set for soon. Photo: Diana Marua/Instagram.

Bahati has been living with the love of his life Diana Marua as husband and wife for the past seven years and together share two children.

Despite having started their union on a wrong foot, Bahati thought it wise to finally do the right thing by paying Diana Marua’s dowry ahead of their Church wedding.

RALINGO.com has learnt Bahati on Tuesday, October 17, accompanied by elders from his family met with elders from Diana Marua’s family as they presented their dowry to them.

News of the traditional wedding, also knows as ruracio was first made public by Bahati through an Instagram video post sighted by this writer.

Bahati posted a video of himself holding Diana Marua’s hands while being prayed for by an old man.

Bahati noted the dowry was Diana’s 6th Anniversary present. Photo: Bahati/Instagram.

Through his caption, Bahati disclosed he wants to formalise his marriage before their official 7th anniversary which is set for October 20.

“It is official!!! I have finally done Diana Marua’s dowry payment and our Mzee Omach has blessed us to proceed with the wedding arrangements. Diana did not expect this but I was so eager to formalise our marriage before the official anniversary date this coming October 20th. This was a surprise. Gift number 5, the best so far. But tomorrow’s gift 6 and 7 will be a proof that she is the queen of my life.” Bahati wrote.

Bahati and Diana have been together for 7 years. Photo: Bahati/Instagram.

Bahati and Diana Marua’s ruracio impressed thousands of their fans who could not help but shower them with love as they congratulated them.

The first step towards Bahati and Diana’s official union came as a surprise to many people since quite a number the two would split in no time.

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