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Baha Machachari Biography, Age, Real name, Education, Parents, Brother

Baha Machachari Biography

Baha Machachari is A young, energetic actor with a vision of being a better director in the future. The film describes him best. I don’t think he can exist without it. Baha Machachari Biography complete.

Baha Machachari Age

Baha was born in the year 2000. He is 19 years old as of 2019.

Baha Machachari Real Name

Baha was born Tyler Kamau Mbaya

Baha Machachari Brother

Many may think that Govi of Machachari is Baha’s real brother, but that is not true. Baha has a brother who is two years older than him, and his name is Mungai Mbaya, and he was an actor at junction juniors. See photo of Baha and his brother below.

Baha Machachari Brother

Baha Machachari Education

Baha notes that he started schooling early because he always wanted to go to school with his elder brother. Baha Joined Nairobi High school in the year 2013, but in the same year, he lost his mother, so he was compelled to transfer to Chania Boys High school to be close to his elder brother and survive together in school. However, in his fourth year, he joined Ufanisi Senior School, where he sat for my KSCE. A focused young man with a straight head, Baha cleared high school last in the year 2016 scoring an impressive B+ in his KCSE at just 16 years old. He currently wants to pursue journalism and cinematography.


Baha Machachari History

Baha admits he never had it smooth growing up and he had to find ways of surviving with his only sibling Mungai Mbaya, who is two years older than him. Baha’s darkest moment was in 2013 when he lost his mum to cancer. He was then a form one student at Nairobi School.   Just like Baha, his mum Beth Nyambura Mbaya was a popular actress and was popularly known by her screen name in Mother-in-law, Wanade. After his mother’s demise, Baha transferred from Nairobi School to Chania Boy’s in Thika so that he would be with his brother who was a student at the same school.

Baha with his brother 

In an interview with a local daily, Baha opened up about how life was rough for him and his brother. He was compelled to take up parental responsibilities despite still being in school. Together with his brother who is also an actor in Junction Juniors, a local production, they made a living out of acting and through that they were able to look after their aging grandmother who is their guardian. Baha’s father was not in the country as his family took over the TV screens. He was away in the US until he was deported back to Kenya in 2011. Baha’s father was not able to find a job in Kenya, and Baha and his brother had to look after the family. Two years after their mother’s death, their father also passed on.


Baha Machachari’s Father Deportation from the USA

Speaking to People Daily, Baha reveals how his father died just two years after his mother, and he had to take up parental responsibilities at a tender age. Luckily, both he and his older brother, Mungai Mbaya, were earning from acting and could take care of themselves and their aging grandmother who is now their guardian.

After Beth succumbed to cancer, Baha moved the school from the reputable but expensive Nairobi School to Thika’s Chania Boys High School where his brother was so that they could comfort each other during the trying times.

“When mum passed on, I was a Form One student at Nairobi School. I immediately transferred to Chania Boys High School, where my brother was for moral support so that we could grieve and overcome our mum’s death together. However, in my fourth year, I joined Ufanisi Senior School, where I sat for my KSCE.” While most of his family is in the acting business, Baha’s father has gone unnoticed for the years that his wife and children were in the media. And with good reason.

Baha revealed that his father had been missing in action up till 2011 when he was deported from the US in his fifties. He could not find work in Kenya, so Baha and his brother had to take up the financial burden of the family.

Baha Machachari Interview

Having made a name for himself in the seasoned Citizen TV comedy show ‘Machachari,’ 18-year-old Tyler Kamau Mbaya is carving out a niche for himself in the film industry.

Mbaya, who is popularly known as Baha, talks all things film with Buzz.

How would you describe yourself?

A young, energetic actor with a vision of being a better director in the future. The film describes me best. I don’t think I can exist without it.

How different is Kamau from Baha?

They were quite similar back then as I was growing up. However, now that I am an adult, Kamau is now the exact opposite of Baha.

On the show, Baha is a glutton and not as smart, but Kamau is bright and not a glutton. (Laughs). The only similarity between the two would be that they are both stubborn. However, Baha uses the stubbornness to stand out, and Kamau uses it to be a go-getter. I feel complete now because I am able to play a role completely different from my personality.

How have things changed for you since you started acting?

This is an emotional question for me. Acting has changed my life and given me the one I have now. My mother was an actress, and a brother is an actor too. We lived in the village, in an unpainted house with no electricity. Acting has also supported my education. As a child, it was hard to see the effect acting has had on my life. I can see it well now that I am all grown up.

Tell us more about KM Pictures.

Kamau Mbaya Pictures is a production company that I started this year. The first project was a short film, which I produced. I don’t have a lot of experience in the technical side of the movie as compared to acting. The little I have is through observation while on set. I don’t believe in waiting for things to happen in life automatically, case in example, being an actor and transitioning into a producer or a director in ten years or so.

We have one life which we should utilize fully. I have dedicated my life to the film, which is why I want to learn all aspects of it while I am still young.

I started the company so that I can learn through the mistakes I make along the way.

Is your YouTube channel related to your production company?

No. The channel is for the brand ‘Kamau Mbaya’ as an influencer. Kamau is many things in one. (Laughs). I started it right after high school in January of 2017.

What are you currently working on, apart from acting?

I can’t answer that now because I have too many things going on. This is also why I have been inactive on my YouTube channel. I realized I was in a rush to give people everything I have. I worked on all the content I came up with at once instead of focusing on one at a time, and in turn, I did not fully utilize my creativity. I did not give my all.

“My Slay Queen” was the last video I uploaded which was trending as soon as I did. I worked on its script for three months, unlike the others which I worked on in a rush. The video’s success is entirely attributed to the effort I put in the pre-production period.

I am currently in the writing process with more than ten short films. There are also no investors in the film industry, and that is something I am working on getting before shooting them.

Have you received any endorsements over the years?

Not yet, and it’s not because I haven’t been approached. I have done a number of adverts, and that’s because the contract runs for a short period of time.

Ambassadorship, to me, means going with a brand you love and associate with.

Where do you want the Kamau Mbaya brand to be in five years?

I don’t really want to share all my goals publicly, in case it all comes back to me. (Laughs). But I want to be creating local content for the international market. I also want to do a feature film that tells an African story. I am not looking for awards because I believe they don’t determine how right a person is at what they do. I get satisfaction from the enjoyment people get from my content.

What would you say sets you apart from other actors?

Drive and motive. I associate myself with many actors and what I would say sets me apart is knowing my background and working toward my passion.

I am lucky to have a family that is not only talented in acting but also passionate about it. I work hard and ensure that I have learned at least one new thing in a film every day.

Baha Machachari Contacts

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