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Babu Owino biography, Age, Education, Career, wife, Net worth


Babu Owino is undoubtedly one of the very famous young politicians in Kenya. He has made his way to the top through hardwork and determination that has seen him be placed where he is. Babu is currently serving as the elected member of parliament for Embakasi East constituency.

Early life

Babu’s real name is Paul Ongili and he was born on 10th October, 1989 in Kisumu’s Nyalenda estate. He was raised by his mother who engaged in brewing and selling of illicit brew, chang’aa that saw her being arrested frequently. Babu also occasionally got arrested while still young afte being found selling the alcohol.


Babu started his education journey at Kisumu Township primary school in 1995 all through to 2002. He sat the KCPE and managed to get 349 marks out of possible 500.

He received a scholarship to join Kisumu Boys high school which he joined in 2003 and sat the KCSE in 2006. He then proceeded to the University of Nairobi to do a degree in Actuarial Science. He always boast of graduating with a first class. This happened after he had also done some certificate and diploma degrees.

In 2013, Babu went back to UoN to take a degree in Law and he is yet to graduate.

SONU chairperson

After making a comeback to the University of Nairobi, Babu took the chance to make his name by venturing into university politics. He contested for the Students Organization of Nairobi University, SONU, chairperson and won. This made Babu one of the most powerful and famous student leaders ever. He used this to shape his political career.

Joining politics.

In 2013 elections, Babu contested for the Westlands parliamentary seat but he lost terribly to Timothy Wanyonyi. This was his first trial at the national politics. In 2017, he shifted his interest to Embakasi East and was overwhelmingly elected as the mp beating all hi rivals.

He was again elected for second term as the Embakasi East mp in 2022 elections and this has made him into the list of soon to be seasoned MPs in the national assembly.

Babu has big ambitions and has always said that he is eying the presidency. He is also rumored to be thinking of battling for Nairobi gubernatorial seat in 2027 before giving a trial AF the presidency.

Many see him as the heir to Raila Odinga’s throne of Luo kingship in politics due to his fame and love that he enjoys across the country.


Babu is happily married to Fridah Muthoni and they are blesses with five children,  two sons and three daughters.

Controversies and scandals

Babu was in 2020 involved in a criminal offense after being accused of shooting DJ Evolve at B Club in Kilimani area. This case came to an end in 2021 after they agreed to settling outside court and Babu was to take responsibility of the DJs medication alongside other expenses.

Net Worth

Being a seasoned politician, Babu has a net worth of over 500 million both in assets and personal salary as an mp.


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