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Azziad Nasenya Reveals How She Attempted Suicide due to Depression


Dancing queen and brand influencer Azziad Nasenya has opened up about her struggle with depression that almost made her end her life. Azziad said that social media bullying was the main cause of her low moments.

According to a video where she was with Dr Ofweneke, Azziad said that during the corona period she fell into depression just few days after her dancing video went viral. She wondered how all the love and positive reactions she received quickly turned into hatred which drove her into depression.

At one point when there was lockdown, she was all alone by herself in her room struggling to cone to terms with the hate. It is at this point that she thought of jumping from her balcony to her death but her very close friends encouraged her and she was able to overcome the temptation.

Azziad has been a very common topic of discussion on social media platforms which has also been a reason for her quick rise to fame. This year she has had series of scandals such as the court case with Brian Chira whom she sued for defaming her and exposing her phone number to the public.

In this same year 2023, Azziad was accused of being in love affair with the Sports cabinet secretary Ababu Namwamba. This was after claims that the two were spotted with similar shoes in Dubai though they were pictured separately. Hawk eyed Kenyans were quick to note that the shoes were similar suggesting that they were having a thing. This came after Azziad was also nominated to the Talanta Hela committee by Ababu, something which also caused dating rumors.

However, despite all these, it seems that the beautiful lady has been able to master the art of handling hate and negative comments from her haters and has never been brought down to depression again.


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