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Azziad Nasenya Responds To Claims That She Has A Sponsor


For the longest time, speculative Netizens have suspected that Tiktok star Azziad Naisenya is rolling with a sponsor owing to the luxurious lifestyle that she is enjoying presently. Azxiad refuted such claims saying that there’s beauty in enjoying money that someone has worked for.

The tiktok sensation said that she sleeps well knowing that she has worked hard for her money however little it is. She claimed that she is too scared to beg and that’s why she doesn’t beg anyone. She said,
” There is beauty or rather there is satisfaction in getting money that is from your sweat. I sleep very well knowing that I have made that 50 bob working hard. I mean I have worked my mmh off but it is mine on one gave it to me. I think I am that kind of a person, I am scared to beg , I do not know how to beg.”

The Tiktok sensation claimed that she has a problem when it comes to begging someone.As such, she wouldn’t put herself in a situation that would force her to beg. Azziad said that she is always ready to put in the work for herself. Being self aware makes her work extra hard to work hard for what she wants and to put in the effort as she does not believe in shortcuts.
” I have a problem with begging and asking so I never want to put myself in that position so I go out there and do the things for myself I get myself what I want so I put in the hard work and the effort because I know where I want to get. I am getting there but I have a long way to go so I have a lot of work to put in. There is no shortcut,”

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