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Azimio Diehard Supporter Nuru Okanga Sits for KCPE | School Where Nuru Okanga Did his KCPE


It is said Better late than never and this applies to every life situation. Chasing one’s dream knows no age limit or boundaries. This is evident by the case of one Nuru Okanga. Nuru is a popular name especially on social media platforms since 2022 during campaign period and even after the elections. He is a member of the new DAPK party and a very serious supporter of Raila Odinga.


It is now clear that despite his age, Nuru us still a dreamer who has set his eyes on something big he wants to achieve. He is a KCPE candidate who is currently doing the exams and he could not hid his excitement. Okanga revealed that he is sitting the exams at Mumias Muslim primary school. Shortly after doing the first paper, Okanga could not hold back as he excitedly told the media that his dream is soon materialising.


The 48 years old dropped out of school in class three but after realising  his potentiality in becoming a leader, he decided to go back to school and obtain relevant academic qualification to enable him achieve this. He said that he would vie as an MCA in 2027 before moving exponentially to become the Kenya’s president some days to come.



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