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Awicko Jakabunde biography, date of birth, age, tribe, early life, wife, career, music,


Kenyans music industry is one of the most vibrant in the East African side of the continent. This is attributed to the presence of very talented musicians and quality producers who have mastered the art of music production. Among the many music producers we have in Kenya is one of the fast rising star who doubles up as a musician too.

This is none other than Awicko Jakabunde who is a multi-talented producer who has taken the industry by a storm over the past years. It is his high class masterpieces that has placed him on the radar and soon we will all be surprised if he takes over the production industry.

Awicko Jakabunde real name, tribe

Awicko Jakabunde is just a mere stage name for Wycliffe Owino. Among the Luo community, it is common for young lads to shorten or modify their real names in various ways just for fun. It will be common to find someone named Wycliffe being called Awicko or Wicky. This is what gave rise to the name Awicko. Jakabunde is a name that signifies his native place of origin.  

Ja in Dholuo is used to show origin or character. It is a prefix that is used to describe a person either by what he does or where he comes from. Therefore Jakabunde means a man from a place named Kabunde. Kabunde is a village in Homa Bay county, Homa Bay Town constituency along the Homa Bay – Rongo Highway. It is popular for the Kabunde Airstrip. It is now needless to say that Wycliffe Owino alias Awicko Jakabunde is of Luo tribe from Homa Bay county.

Awicko Jakabunde date of birth 

Wycliffe Owino was born on 29th of November in 1994 at Kanyach Kachar Sub location, in Homa Bay. Other information about his siblings and parents are not available but he became ophaned at a young age.

Awicko Jakabunde education 

Awicko was unlucky in his education after he dropped out in 2008 when all his parents died in the same year before being followed by his elder brother. This shook the family and consequently ended his pursuit of education. There was no one to take care of his school fees.

Awicko Jakabunde journey to music

Awicko started it all as a pianist in the church and this is where he learned how to play piano which laster became his success path.

In 2009, he joined Ogunde Lee International Band in Rodi Kopany where he started having interest in music. Later the following year, Awicko moved to Oyugis town and this is where he made some steps in the music career as he worked with several people and bands.

Dad Wuod asumbi and the late Omondi Kajuma. Late 2010 to 2011, he moved to work with Rangi Rateng as a pianist also in his band.

In 2011, Awicko moved to Mombasa and worked with PAPA JUNIOR. From 2012 to some parts of 2013, he moved to work with Amollo Nyochero who is the brother to Ken Okew gi Ayoro.

Wycliffe Owino decided to move to Nairobi in 2013 to work with Ken Jaraha Jakosoko. In the same year, he moved to Migori where he found Ouma Atula and worked with him in the production of a song for Obado – Obado Sirkal Matiyo.

He made yet another step in 2014 when he moved to Osogo Winyo’s Band after the exit of Odero Jarangwe. In this band, they produced vol. 6 with Osogo.

In 2017, Jakabunde joined Superlatin Band by Musa Jakadalla till now where he is till now. In the same year, he started his production studio – the Wema Records. It is at this Wema Records that Awicko is making it big by producing hits especially for the Kamba artists which have gone ahead to be great songs.

Awicko Jakabunde marriage 

Awicko got married in 2017 and he got his first born named Ella Jasmin in 2019.