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Arizona Cardinals Quiet in Free Agency: What Hopes Do They Have For the Upcoming Season?

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Quiet in Free Agency: What Hopes Do They Have For the Upcoming Season?

Very little information has come out about the Arizona Cardinals since their management switch, and there are a plethora of people out there that have their concerns as to whether or not they stand any chance of performing well next season. 

While any information may be scarce, there is certainly some viable intel out there that can help us get somewhat of an idea of just how strong the Arizona Cardinals appear to be right now. Let’s get straight into it.


Any Changes Have Been Miniscule

Taking into account the little info we have, it seems as though the Arizona Cardinals have made little to no changes throughout their time under a free agency. 


If this is true, this is going to give them an enormous disadvantage when compared to all of their competitors, and it is not very likely they are going to be all too competitive in this upcoming season. 


Moreover, if you need any evidence for this, look no further than the fans. There are a ton of Arizona Cardinals predictions out there, most of which lean towards the negative side. This can give us a good idea that the reports about them may be true, and if anyone were to know just how well the Arizona Cardinals were fairing, it would be the die-hard fans. 


In fact, it’s not only the fans that share in this belief; it’s the betting hubs too. Seeing an Arizona sports betting bonus dedicated towards those who are willing to bet on the Arizona Cardinals in any of their upcoming games is not an uncommon sight, and in reality, this is entirely expected when you factor in just how low their odds are.


Still a Strong Team

For all of you Cardinals fans out there; don’t worry. There is still hope. Whilst the Arizona Cardinals have not appeared to make all that much progress throughout the past couple of months, this still doesn’t take away from the fact that they are an exceptional side. 

The Arizona Cardinals’ squad is one of the best in the business, and even if they were not to make any positive changes at all, it is likely that they would still remain a viable team. The journey for the Cardinals is certainly not over yet, and they have more than enough time to get themselves back into prime shape.

So, what do you think fate holds in store for the Arizona Cardinals? If you are like most, you probably are not allowing yourself to get your hopes too high. 

Only time will tell whether or not the Arizona Cardinals have been putting in the work they need to succeed.


It is entirely possible that they have taken it upon themselves to improve and progress. Whilst leadership may play a big role, it certainly isn’t everything, and the Arizona Cardinals could easily come out playing better than ever.