Home NEWS Another Lady Found Killed in AirBnB in Kasarani

Another Lady Found Killed in AirBnB in Kasarani


Just a few days after socialite Starlet Wahu was brutally murdered in an Airbnb in South B, another similar case ha been reported in Kasarani.

A lady said to be in her 24s has been found killed and body badly dismembered in an Airbnb in Kasarani. The lady is yet to be identified and her body has been collected by police officers and taken for autopsy.

It is rumoured that she was killed by her Nigerian lover whom they had rented the Airbnb with but no official information from authorities can confirm the accusations of the suspect being a Nigerian.

Deaths and suicides in Airbnbs have been on the rise recently and many Kenyans have been urging the government to do something to curb this new trend before it is late.