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Anne Waiguru Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, News

Anne Waiguru Biography

Anne Waiguru Biography, Anne Waiguru was conceived as Anne Mumbi Waiguru in Kirinyaga County, Gichugu sub-region in the mid-70s’. She is the present Governor of Kirinyaga County and a previous Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

Anne Waiguru was designated by President Uhuru Kenyatta in April 2013 as the Cabinet Secretary for devolution. She is the minds behind the foundation of Huduma Centers, places where Kenyan residents can get to taxpayer driven organizations all the more productively, just as the 30% obtainment rule, which concurs in any event 30 percent of all inventory agreements to the administration to the young, people with inability and ladies. She left her post in November 2015 after a charge of debasement in her docket.

In 2011 she was designated as one of the Top 40 under 40 ladies in the nation, the main chosen one at the time from the Public Service.

Ann Waiguru appears to be a solid willed lady in political circles; be that as it may, close guide uncovers a sensible pioneer who is both intelligent and beguiling. Her ascent to unmistakable quality has been cut through long periods of determined work serving in different jobs in financial and open strategy.

She has gotten a few awards in her lifetime implying a skilled technocrat whose sheer drive and duty is basically unequaled. From a government worker working behind the meeting room to a great job as a senator; nothing appears to be too difficult to even consider handling by the previous CS.

Anne Waiguru Kenya’s humble foundation appeared to have played well in her advancing to serve the country and individuals she leads.

Anne Waiguru Age

Anne Waiguru was born in 1971 in Kirinyaga County.

Anne Waiguru family

Her father was a cop while the mother was a businesswoman. Consequently, the governor has three siblings; two sisters and a brother. Unfortunately, she lost her dad at the age of 18.

Anne Waiguru children

The former devolution CS is a proud mother to three sons. Anne Waiguru’s sons are Ian Waiguru, Don Waiguru, and Wabu Waiguru. The eldest son, Ian who is currently 21 years, schooled at Brookhouse School and St.Marys. Today, the young lad is the Founder and CEO of an IT company, Something Inc. Notably, Ian started the company without any input from his mother.

Anne Waiguru Children

Education Background

  • Graduate student at the University of Nairobi, Masters degree in Economic Policy
  • Undergraduate student at the University of Nairobi, Degree in Economic Policy
  • Secondary school student at Moi Forces Academy, Nairobi- A Level
  • Secondary school student at  Precious Blood Riruta High School, O Level


Anne Waiguru is married to the love of her life city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo. The two lovebirds were married in a Kikuyu traditional wedding (ngurario). The ceremony took place on July 13, 2019, in Kirinyanga county at Kiamugumo primary school.

Anne Waiguru Husband


Ms. Anne Waiguru started her vocation in people in general help by giving Technical Assistance to the Public Service Reform Secretariat in what was then the Cabinet Office. From that point forward she has differently filled in as the Head of Governance and the Economic Stimulus Program at the National Treasury, Alternate to the Permanent Secretary/National Treasury in the Public Procurement Oversight Authority and Advisory Board and the Women Enterprise Fund Board.

Further, in perspective on her recognized open profession, she was effectively designated two years back as one of the Top 40 under 40 ladies in the nation, the main candidate at the time from the Public Service.

Ms. Anne Waiguru has her scholarly foundation and involvement with Economics and Public Policy. She holds a Masters certificate in Economic Policy from the University of Nairobi and has specific involvement with an open account, money related administration frameworks, open help change, limit building, and administration.

Preceding her arrangement, Ms. Waiguru was the Director, Integrated Financial Management and Information System (IFMIS), and, Head of Governance at the National Treasury. She served quickly as a Senior Public Sector Manager/Assistant Vice President, at Citi-gathering. Beforehand, Ms. Waiguru filled in as a Technical Advisor in the Cabinet Office, Office of the President on secondment from the World Bank.

Ms. Waiguru has been distributed and has filled in as the Alternate to the Permanent Secretary National Treasury in the Public Procurement Oversight Authority Advisory Board, and, the Women Enterprise Fund Board.

She won the 2017 general political decision beating the officeholder Governor of Kirinyaga to turn into the new/current Governor of Kirinyaga province.


Anne Waiguru Biography: Wealth and Net worth

Previous Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has just because moved to announce her riches, demanding that she didn’t profit in any capacity from fake exchanges at the National Youth Service (NYS).

In an elite meeting with Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohamed, Waiguru said she is worth Sh160 million with liabilities that aggregate to Sh80 million.

“Regarding resources, including this house which is on credit, I’m worth Sh160 million and the liabilities aggregate to Sh80 million. The net worth is, along these lines, not a huge deal,” she said.

Waiguru dissipated cases that she had advanced herself from continues of debasement at the NYS saying she possessed a large portion of the things she has a path before joining the administration.

“I lived in Runda before I joined the administration and I claim a house there. I additionally drove a Mercedes Benz before joining government so it is highly unlikely I could have profited by fake exchanges at the NYS,” she expressed.

“I worked at the World Bank and as the associate VP at Citi Group before joining government so the things I claim were gained legitimately.”

Approached whether she was prepared for a way of life review, Waiguru stated: “EACC is now completing a way of life review on me and they have picked reports from our home that relate to our lives.”

The previous CS noticed that her home situated in Kitusuru was purchased under a home loan plan for bureau secretaries on a 3 percent financing cost for a long time.

She disproved claims that she purchased three houses and paid in real money saying: “My home isn’t paid for and it didn’t cost Sh150 million, just the store has been paid.”

Waiguru expressed that she was disheartened by close to home assaults on her youngsters; disproving claims via web-based networking media that one of her children possessed an Austin Martin that he was imagined by.

“My child is a conventional youngster and would get a ride from individuals. We don’t possess the vehicle, we can’t fantasize about owning it since it is over the top expensive. Individuals go to engine shows and take pictures alongside vehicles; it doesn’t mean they claim them,” she joked.

She said provides details regarding internet based life that she claims shopping centers in various pieces of the nation are bogus, uncovering that she also deals during shopping.

“I don’t pay more than Sh2,500 for my shoes and I can anticipate each conveyance. We proclaim our riches after at regular intervals in government and we did it when we were selected into the bureau so my records are accessible.”

“I wear similar adornments that I have been wearing for as long as six or seven years and individuals can see the equivalent since my photographs have been posted severally via web-based networking media.”

She explained that she helped stop an arranged burglary of Sh800 million from the service, saying the examinations prompted the disclosure of Sh791 million lost through false dealings with specific organizations.

Waiguru said the difficulties she looked during her time at the service and the fights she battled have made her a more grounded individual.

“It was an intense minute for me, however, you can’t leave such fire the equivalent. I am more grounded now than I was previously and I am not guileless any longer. I used to confide in numerous individuals, however now I am extremely excited about who I trust,” expressed Waiguru.

Anne Waiguru

Anne Waiguru Job History

  • Jan 2008 – Now: Governor Kirinyaga county
  • April 2013 – November 2015: Cabinet Secretary, Devolution and Planning
  • Director, Integrated Financial Management and Information System (IFMIS),
  • Technical Advisor in the Cabinet Office, Office of the President on secondment from the World Bank
  • Intern and Research Assistant at Transparency International
  • Senior Public Sector Manager/Assistant Vice President, at Citi-group.
  • Head of Governance and the Economic Stimulus Programme at the National Treasury.
  • She provided Technical Assistance to the Public Service Reform Secretariat in what was then the Cabinet Office

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Anne Waiguru Scandal

Despite being lionized as a diligent employee by her kind, Anne Waiguru is viewed as a wheeler-seller in the passages of intensity by a few. Be that as it may, is this actually the case? Similarly, as Waiguru was rebuilding the National Youth Service (NYS), an embarrassment ejected denoting her most reduced minute throughout everyday life. NYS is run under the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

A gigantic Kshs. 791 million was lost to degenerate and unprocedural offering process. The representative was in the spotlight for being the supervisor inside a docket shook in the join disaster. In late 2015, executive of open arraignments mentioned Waiguru to record explanations as the organization looked for answers on how the Kshs. 791 million disappeared under the consideration of the National Youth Service (NYS). Some quarters even guaranteed that the taken assets were to the tunes of Kshs.1.4 billion.

One of the charged, Ms. Kabura pointed at the Kirinyaga senator just like the unite’s planner in a sworn oath. Waiguru reacted and depicted Kabura just like a ‘beautician’ who had no consciousness of the debasement dealings that were made at the representative’s home. With all due respect, Ms. Waiguru affirmed she was an informant. At that point NYS executive general Nelson Githinji, offered disclosure to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). Githinji put Anne at the focal point of the embarrassment by charging that she possessed four organizations granted the tenders by the NYS.

As flame broiling kept on capturing the guilty parties behind defilement embarrassment, more allegations and counter-allegations surfaced. Waiguru on her part pointed at Personal Assistant to the DP Farouk Kibet, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen, and DP William Ruto’s more youthful sibling Luke Samoei being key brains of NYS heist. During a similar setting with the Public Accounts Committee, Waiguru named the specialist, Ben Gethi as another figure at fault of printing NYS of millions.

In a similar request, the previous CS accused her then junior staff, NYS, Director General Nelson Githinji for the misfortune for the way that he was legitimately accountable for the activities of NYS. Common social orders and dissident squeezed Waiguru to leave following claims and affirmations that a large number of state assets were taken. Therefore, she bowed down to pressure and surrendered referring to wellbeing and family for the choice.

She was the primary Cabinet Secretary to leave under the celebration government. The embarrassment proceeded to inspire more admissions and disavowals. In 2016, previous Devolution PS Peter Mang’iti said something regarding the conditions encompassing the outrage. He asserted that he foiled plans by the previous Devolution CS Anne Waiguru from plundering Ksh3.5 billion. Mang’iti proceeded to state that she dismissed the before proposed Ksh.5 billion advantageous budgetary, just to affirm KSh3.5 billion.

While tending to members at Chatham House in London, UK, Waiguru admitted to having welcomed the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to complete examinations on the NYS outrage significantly further encouraging them to make the discoveries open. Indeed, even as the open request Waiguru pull for never happened, after three years an enormous join hits the equivalent NYS; this time cycle a challenging Kshs.10 billion was taken.

10 things you did not know about Anne Waiguru

  1. Ann Waiguru was born in Kirinyaga County, Gichugu sub-county in the early 70s’. She attended Precious Blood Riruta High School and later sat for her A-Level exams in 1989 at the Moi Forces Academy in Nairobi where she studied Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.
  2. Ann Waiguru took her undergraduate studies at the University of Nairobi and later graduated with a Masters’ Degree in Economic Policy from the same University.
  3. She was nominated among 40 under 40 women in 2011 and was the only nominee at that time from the Public Service.
  4. Her hobbies include reading, traveling and dancing
  5. Before her nomination as a Cabinet Secretary, she had previously worked as the Director, Integrated Financial Management and Information System (IFMIS), and, Head of Governance at the National Treasury.
  6. Ann Waiguru was honored with an Order Grand Warrior title by President Mwai Kibaki due to her exemplary performance at the Integrated Financial Management and Information System where she led her team to win three Awards for good Performance in the Public Service.
  7. She describes herself as a person who never stands mediocrity especially at a place of work. For this reason, she says, people think she is tough and arrogant.
  8. Waiguru is a mother of three teenage sons who she talks highly about. It is not clear whether she is married or not.
  9. Ann Waiguru has previously worked with President Uhuru Kenyatta under different Ministries.
  10. Waiguru interned at Transparency International. She also worked as a research assistant.

Five interesting things you did not know about Anne Waiguru

Anne Waiguru is the current governor of Kirinyaga County after being elected on the August 8th elections. She also served as the first Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Devolution and planning which was involved the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal.

  1. I love music and I dance… but in the house. We dance in rallies but for me, it is something I like to do generally. My most favorite track Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. I also listen to every Kikuyu song as I a typical villager.
  2. I am not extravagant. What I used to like is handbags but I don’t get the opportunity to buy them anymore. If I see a very nice bag or unique color I will buy it. The problem is you won’t get to carry it. Women do such kinds of things. At that point, it looks like the best thing ever then when you get home it is no longer exciting as you thought.
  3. Generally, I don’t trust people so I don’t acquire new friends and I don’t call acquaintances friends. My friends are from school-days mostly.
  4. My doctor thinks I eat a lot of fried meat. Do you know of any other place with meat as good as Kamaki’s along the Southern bypass?
  5. I live a very simple life. If I am not in the office I am at home so my kids see me more than most parents see their children.