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Annastacia Mukabwa reveals the secret of her success in Gospel industry.


Evangelist Annastacia Mukabwa has for the first time talked about her relationship with the gospel queen from Tanzania Rose Muhando.

Mukabwa shas revealed that to this day she respects Rose Muhando more than being her friend, she sees her as the bearer of her destiny who made a great contribution until Mukabwa became well known. The artist told blogger Trudy Kitui that the ‘Kiatu Kivue’ collaboration of almost 15 years ago is what made Annastacia Mukabwa known now.

“Rose Muhando is not only my friend, she is my role model. When you hear Annastacia is standing and serving God, she [Rose Muhando] is the one who gave her the revelation and saw what was inside me, she held my hand and she was the one who took me to the studio and paid her money and today you hear Annastacia,” she said.

“Rose Muhando is the woman behind my success in the music field,” she added.

Mukabwa said that through the heart of being held by the hand and helped, she has also tried to do so but she made it clear that she will not be able to sing with everyone in this world but she will choose the one who feels she has something true in her.

“There are those who have also looked for me and asked me to sing with them. I will not sing with everyone in this world, but I will sing with those who I feel there is a connection between us, because the devil also has his way to package people and bring them.

Therefore, I also need to be careful to know that this is a servant of God, he or she has nothing and no one to hold his hand,” she said.

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